Gears on left drive ??

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    :eek: :eek: :( Apart from buying a motorcycle engine like a Honda etc with built in gears how does one get a gear box and not the hoot system or SBP system as i want to drive it on the motorcycle chain side.
    I have looked extensively on the internet and found nothing--anyone know an innovator i can talk to ?

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    you want to put gearing on the left side of the Pipelyne Boxer ?!?

    kerf has a dual gear derailleur system running off the Staton gear drive.

    i'll do some looking, no promises though.

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    Albion #-Speed Transmission?

    Here is a link to a thread/post that shows a Twin Engine Whizzer that the guy runs thru a Transmission called an Albion 3-Speed You see them from time to time on e-bay usually under the Whizzer listings.

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    are you wanting to be able to shift on the fly or just have a choice of ratios ?

    it might be easiest to transplant the M65 C engine. it's only about 1" wider, six speeds, 16HP

    just hang the radiator and GO !!

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