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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Neufcruz, Oct 23, 2015.

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    I think Im going with the dual brake set up on the throttle side. I havent yet purchased my cranks or gears. I think I want gears on both pedal and motor but for now set it up for gears on the pedal. My question is with a 2stroke, do I need to have wider cranks or order different? Do I just build\install a set of cranks as if it was just a bike and then worry later about applying gears to the motor side?
    How does it work on the bars set up. If I have a dual brake lever on throttle side and clutch lever on left. Where do I shift gears on the bike?
    Tempted to just go simple and no gears as I hopefully wont be pedaling much and worry about adding gears at a later time as I learn more.
    Any suggestions!


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    hey Mike for the crank just talk to the vendor before ordering the jackshaft kit to see if your bike requires a "wide" crank for the kit. I use the dual brake lever, I like it alot. there are two types out there, one sucks and requires clipping the cable to thread it through the lever hook up. the other just hooks up like any brake lever. so I run the dual brake and throttle on the right, and my 7 speed twist shifter is upside down on the left with the clutch and kill switch. I got used to the upside down shifter pretty quick, and hope to go with a js kit later. I also have a carb I'm not running right now with a choke lever that I would mount on the bars as well, cables galore.