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    Hi all!
    I am new here and i have one question.
    if i buy a kit to motorize my bicycle, s there inside the kit a gear shifter or something like that? And if so, when installed, how do i change gears?with
    the stock gear shifters that are already on my bike or a different system?
    thank you in advance for your time!

  2. professor

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    The kits you see use a chain on the left side to drive the wheel or they use a roller to drive the tire (called friction drive). Take a look in the pictures section of some bikes.
  3. nikos6

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    yes ok with that ,but i mean ,1st gear,2nd,3rd........ the bicycles have H and L on the gear shifters right?we use those or a different system in order to chAnge gear?
  4. wheelbender6

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    Engine kits are normally singlespeed drive. Frame mount motors can add a jackshaft/shift kit. Rack mount motors sometimes use a CVT.
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    shifting the shiftless

    In most states the law for motor assisted bicycles is that they have to have only one speed and have a top speed less than twenty-five miles an hour. Now there is some places that let you "skirt" around these laws. My favorite place is Sick Bike Parts they make a Shift kit that lets you use your own gears.

    this is accomplished with a jackshaft that takes a frame mounted left hand drive and then has a separate chain that drives a front freewheel that lets you use your rear derailleur.

    to me these folks are the finest group I have had to deal with in the industry. Paul has helped me with my other problems and when things weren't right he was right on it and got the job done. Its when things don't go as planed that you find out who is really a pro.

  6. I think mopst vendors are pretty good, but from what I heard SBP takes it to another level for customer service. And I've never actually bought anything directly from SBP but have a few of there products and they are probably better then they need to be compared to the HT engines.

    If your not afraid to pay for the premium products there's nowhere better to go.
  7. nikos6

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    thank you gyus!i wish they send me the parts to greece..
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    you would need a transmission to shift gears, or a jackshaft /shifter kit set up.
    as far as i know there are no real transmissions available for these 2 strokes.
    a jackshaft/shift kit set up will cost you more than your entire engine kit cost you.
    a 2 stroke engine set up on a 26" bike with a 44 tooth sprocket will get you up to around 30 mph, which is pretty fast on a bicycle.
    Shifting is cool but of you are an inexperienced rider, and don't have top notch're asking for trouble.
  9. Pablo

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    We ship to Greece, no problem.
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    I've dealt with sickbikeparts a bit and I give them a thumbs up. These are good people. And their prices have always seemed very reasonable to me. You can accessorize a bike at no great expense.

    But I would suggest that you become more familiar with the various types of motorized bicycles available to you before making further decisions.

    You can learn a lot by reading these posts. Just click on any headline that seems interesting. Do it over and over again and in no time you'll have gained much more familiarity.

    welcome aboard and have fun.