GEB Cat Trike Expedition

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  1. ctk47

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    2009 Cat Trike Expedition
    I added a Golden Eagle Bike Engine Kit. Golden Eagle was great to work with and was very friendly and knowledgeable. I worked with Dennis and Julia.

    I wanted to do something other than a bike. I have ridden bikes all my life. I tried a trike recumbent and I am glad I did! It is very comfortable. I have gone on 150 to 200 mile rides. I get over 120 miles per gallon on a Tanaka 47cc engine. I am extremely happy with the product. Few things are ever better than advertised and this is one of them!

    I got over 1200 miles in 8 rides. The trike is 100% reliable. Wider tires provide more comfort. I can ride through gravel roads and different areas which I would normally struggle with the slimmer 35 mm tires. The wider rims offer additional stability on an already very stable trike. The custom boom that Cat Trike made for me cleaned up the front end. It was made without a front derailleur mount. Since I have a Schlumpf high speed drive I did not need the mount on the boom. With this drive I can pedal 40-50 miles per hour. I zip-tied one water bottle cage to the trike so I can carry an extra water, gas, or bike light battery. I keep extra belts, gas mixture and tools in the Cat Trike bags so I am good for an all day ride.

    I have previously built a KMX Cobra trike but it was not as good as the Expedition to work with. The build quality of the Expedition was far better than the KMX.

    I live in the Dayton, Ohio, area. If you would like to go for a ride or are interested in building one, let me know.

    Wheels/Rims/Tires/Hubs --

    Kenda NPG 2.1 Rear Tire, Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape and Sealant
    Kenda Kontact Elite 1.95 Front Tire, Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape and Sealant

    Arrow Racing Rear Rim, 37 mm wide
    Odyssey 7 Front Rim, 34 mm wide

    XT Hub 36 spoke - Rear - black, solid axle
    Hope 36 spoke - Front - red - 20 mm

    Hope, gold rotors
    13/14 black, Wheelsmith spokes front and back

    Engine --
    Tanaka 47cc
    14 tooth gear
    120 mpg

    Other --
    Schlumpf high speed drive
    Shimano Shadow XT rear derailleur, medium cage
    LED rear lights
    LED Lupine front light
    KMX Rear Fender
    KMX Flag
    Cat Trike bags

    * painted engine mounting strap red and the motor mount black

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    DJEEPER Member

    too cool man. this crossed my mind to make one like this, but i was too intimidated by being so close to the ground, haha.

    i look forward to videos! :)
  3. augidog

    augidog New Member

    Golden Eagle & tadpole trikes...a match made in heaven...

    and ctk47, yours is a primo example imo :cool2:

    do tell...did you buy an entire brush-cutter or find a dealer to sell you just the engine?
  4. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    that thing is awesome... please post some vids.
  5. ctk47

    ctk47 New Member


    Thanks. Being low to the ground makes you feel like you are riding a go-kart and the recumbent seat is so much more comfortable than any bike seat made. You have absolutely no problem putting in 100+ mile rides in. Ridden bikes for 20+ years and I love this trike. I think you should build one. It is twice as much fun as a bike! Can you say "ground rush"!!?

  6. ctk47

    ctk47 New Member

    Hi Augidog,

    Thanks! Yes, you have a sharp eye. You know your stuff. I did buy a brush cutter and it was a TBC 600. I am in the landscaping business and I desperately wanted that motor so that's what I did. I paid $595 for it. I didn't think that was too bad since the motors themselves used to sell for $300-400. It was worth every penny.

  7. ctk47

    ctk47 New Member

    Give me VTEC,

    Thanks. Will post pictures/videos over the next few months. Videos never seem to do it justice... it's like riding a little mini race car.

  8. augidog

    augidog New Member

    it will certainly pay for itself. but that's a tough initial investment most can't pull the trigger on...

    if you'd answered "dealer/engine only" i think there would have been a stampede :jester:
  9. Stoney

    Stoney Member

    How is the noise of this set-u
  10. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Being able to pedal at 40 - 50mph... I'm going to have to look into getting one of those Schlumpf drives for my trike. I fear I'm getting out of shape because I can't pedal at the speeds I usually ride, even with a 52t sprocket. Who did you buy it from?
  11. ctk47

    ctk47 New Member

    I don't think the noise is too bad but obviously it is louder on my bike being the motor is closer to your head than on a regular bike. But I find at over 20 miles per hour the wind outdrowns the motor sounds so it really doesn't matter.
  12. moped-dan

    moped-dan Guest

    Ive been looking for those engines everywhere! Too bad they are so pricey but at least you can still get them. I bet that thing is a BLAST to ride..... someday I will make one just like this! :D
  13. Will Snow

    Will Snow Member

    I also put together a motorized whizzwheel terra trike about a week ago. This is my first trike and like you I think it is real neat. While I have not had the courage to ride it any distance on busy roadways, I did ride it around our neighborhood and really got a kick out of it.

    Your larger tires look like a pretty good idea, The Whizwheel has all 20" with 1.45 tires. May try the larger tires like you have in the future. I have a Golden Eagle on one of my bikes and have nothing but good to say about it and the dealers. Nice setup.
  14. lowracer

    lowracer Member

    Very cool trike...
    I've had the Greenspeed GTR & AVD Windcheetah trikes (unmotored) & had a blast riding them all over the place...
    Adding a motor would have turned them into the ultimate road fun machines...
    Thanks for the pics
  15. ctk47

    ctk47 New Member

    Hi Will Snow,

    I find that out on the roads people give you a lot more room being on a trike than on a bike. The larger tires add a lot of comfort on the rougher roads. I can also ride up gravel hills a lot easier. Thanks. I will check out your pictures. Wish I could find someone closer to ride with.
  16. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    I've been running Schwalbe "Big Apples" i go tjrough A set every season or so. They are soft.