GEBE 36-spoke kit w/ Honda GX35 - $325 shipped

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by discombob, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. discombob

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    Barely used... in perfect condition. Only about 70 miles on the kit and motor. I was still on my first oil change and the oil has come out looking brand new like honey. Runs fantastic.

    Comes all wired up/ready to install with kill switch, throttle and clutch to pulley drive-box already installed on motor. Also, a new Kevlar belt and 36-spoke ring (count your spokes; this set is for the stronger wheels!).

    I'm upgrading to a perm-tagged 250cc motorcycle because I'm too aggressive of a pilot to be on something so small. Someone will really love this... I accept paypal by this e-mail address/ID:

    Feel free to e-mail me there if interested. Thanks!

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  2. discombob

    discombob New Member


    The kit has been sold already - thanks for all the inquiries. These things must be getting more and more popular.
  3. augidog

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    i didn't think this would last long, that's a great deal :cool:
  4. TWalker

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    I thought so...I don't really need it but...

    You can never have too many. :)
  5. augidog

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