GEBE 40cc HP Package


Jim H

I received and installed a hp kit on my bike today. The expansion chamber and the new carburetor are awesome! I will attempt some photos w/ my camera phone in the next few days. The carb is a 15 mm...stock is 12 I smokes a bit but settles down when warmed up. I went for a short ride to check out it's response to the new additions...WOW!!!! I've got to get some ride time on this setup and make some notes. The exhaust tone is quieter than stock and running down a slight grade the speedometer read 43 mph... it definitely increased the rpm's and top speed. I'll report back with what I find after running this baby in.:D:D:D:D
I have bought the pipe for the 32cc engine which so far has resisted every attempt to get it to work and/or stay in place... :(

I dont think the standard carb is adjustable either so I am worried that rigging the exhaust will cause problems with leaning out..

Is the 43mph you mention flat out speed?

Jemma xx
The mph I reached, 43 was a downhill grade, very slight, no wind...where I live is flat country. Today, I was riding some more and I can cruise on the flat,3/4 throttle at 35mph. Full throttle on the flat is getting 38 mph. I just bought some fresh gas and mixed it with Amsoil racing anxious to see if this makes a significant difference. As it stands, it seems that I'm gaining a 4-5 mph increase and faster acceleration through the entire powerband. I had to turn my engine a 1/4 turn to get the pipe to fit properly and fixed the stinger/silencer to the engine mount strap. Had to drill a hole to bolt the silencer to.