GEBE: Alternative-Mounting Mod (requires fabrication)


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Apr 20, 2008
a picture is worth many words, this setup allows for precise adjustment and alignment:

a clamp-on bracket on the stays would work very nicely, too.
Nice pic. Seems a lil oil is in order for your chain and a new rear tire might be needed.LOL
yer not gonna believe this...

we have a unique sand up here, a very fine (abrasive) dust. so...i learned that if i keep my pedal-chain oiled it collects a wet gritty slurry that wears the chain faster than letting it rust a bit. a small amount of 3-in-1 is all i use, and rarely.

the tire is a "hutchinson acrobat"...and just barely worn in...see the closeup:

but, i do have new tires set aside, will change 'em out right before the rally then on to bonneville.
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