GEBE belt tracking

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by spokedjoke, May 26, 2012.

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    Yesterday I was truing the rear wheel and had noticed the belt was tracking all the way against the engine side of the drive pulley so I loosened up the mounts and moved it as far as i could, it tracks in the center, however, under acceleration it moves left and right on the pulley. could it be theres more wear on one side of the gear making it slightly smaller on the inside? ive got 500 miles on it

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    With a toothed drive belt system, there is nothing other than alignment and the flanges on the sides of the pulleys that keeps the belt basically centered.

    Small pulleys, long distances between pulleys, pulley wear, and belt wear and stretch can also contribute to belt tracking issues.

    I don't have any experience with the GEBE system, but if the belt wanders randomly between the side flanges of the drive pulley, I don't think there is much you can or should do about it. You might want to check with GEBE though. I have heard they are fairly responsive to customer concerns.
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    Tracking includes the wheel being true to the frame..........string or laser can help you figure it out.
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    My experiance with the GEBE is. The engine pully is is so small your belt will almost always ride against one side or the other. It will not damage the belt unless your alignment is bad enough to cause it to jump off. Its is important to try to keep the belt in very good line with the large pully though. If its off on that one, you may hear a thump thump as you ride. Thats the belt climbing the side of the big pulley and then falling back into the grove again. On mine I had some difficulty diagnosing the problem. It was this. Under heavy throttle and load, the engine mount can lean to one side causing a tempory misalignment. I compensated for this by adusting the engine mounts to lean it in the opisite direction. I have a quick release axle and slotted mounting holes on the long engine mount steel supports.