GEBE build on old Fisher mountain bike

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    My motored bike build is on a 20 year old Gary Fisher mountain bike.
    The kit arrived from GEBE a few days ago and I built the bike up in a couple of hours. The bike out of the box with pedal assist hit over 35 mph!
    My average speed for about 50 miles of riding is about 25 mph. Mind, that I am breaking in a brand new engine and am taking it really easy on the bike and motor. The bike has been sitting in my garage for a couple of years and has some minor issues that I am fixing.
    Bottom line is that I am most impressed with Golden Eagle Bike Engines. The engine mount is well thought out and the belt drive and their ring on the wheel is well kind of a work of art.
    It was super simple to install on my old GF bicycle.
    And, its a blast to ride around on a motorized bicycle! Its like cycling is new again. And yeah I know I should pedal that bike more!
    Seriously, With my old CR-7 and this kit motored biking just rocks and is a serious blast.
    You pedal ya go faster ya don't pedal and ya go a bit slower but arrive where you are going with out a sweet.
    Golden Eagle is the real deal.

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    I have some commentary on my blog along with the kit from the box to the bike build.