GEBE: Details on Golden Eagle Kits w/o Engine

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  1. augidog

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    the GEBE kit w/o engine is for the experienced DIY'er, you'll need to know engine-size and clutch-specifics before you can know which "size" to order. i'm pretty sure you'll find the help you need somewhere on the forum, or feel free to PM me with any questions.

    e-mail from Golden Eagle
    so...the lower mounting-strap (C) comes in one size for all GEBE products. the mount itself (F & closeup pic) will vary depending on your engine/clutch size. specific measurements will be posted as i collect them. the drivering (A) is made to accept 14G spokes & can be drilled to fit larger sizes.
    kitwoutengine.jpg clutch2.gif

    more detail & pricing info here:

  2. loquin

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    has anyone ever mounted the drive ring on one of the Wheelmaster's 10g spoked wheels?
  3. augidog

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    i don't know...i want to say simply "drill it out to the proper size & it'll snap on as easily as any other install" but i'm thinking the geometry has to change pretty drastically when ya get into such fat spokes. then again, fatties are usually 3-cross, right? drill it right, it should work <---opinion-only, see following

    if anyone ever wants to go that route, have the Wheelmaster get with me and we'll see "what's up with that?"
  4. augidog

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    the Wheelmaster sez "yes."
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    I just put the 10 gauge spoke wheel from wheelmaster on my gebe bike and it works well spent and no more broken spokes....
  6. astring

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    I have the gebe 12g spokes and they are solid as a rock. 10g may be overkill (unless you are really husky).
  7. fetor56

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    Maybe he's thinking ahead....i'm not getting any thinner as i get older. ;)
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    Oddly when it comes to broken spokes I had a rash of them when I fitted the pipe and nothing since then... It might be that the extra power has just weeded out the slightly below tolerance spokes and the rest will take the extra hp.

    I just fitted up the #14 gear on the bike.. will float along at 30mph on just the merest throttle opening on the flat.. so far as I can tell the only downside to that is that of starting off uphill - it'll do it fine but its not exactly nippy off the mark.. but anything that improves fuel consumption is good :)

    Jemma xx
  9. One of the biggest advantages of the ten gauge spokes is they don't stretch under torque, the wheel remains tight and doesn't allow troubles to get started, usually the stock wheel fails because it becomes loose, think of it like this, if you want to break a string, just pulling on it usually won't do the trick, but if you jerk it, it snaps ! same logic on a wheel... thanks for the kudos Bill !