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    Installed my GEBE with Tanaka 40 w/105g GEBE wheel today on a 2013 Trek Mountain bike. It pedaled off smoothly before I applied throttle and the throttle response was smooth and it accelerated smoothly. When I let off on the throttle though, it seemed like there was alot of drag/resistance. Is this normal? Thanks

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    When I let off on the throttle doesn't the clutch disengage from the clutch bell drum? I'm pretty sure it does on my other motorized bike and I do not have this drag/resistance. Thanks
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    I had manual clutches in my head, I'm not sure what's going on in that case
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    It depends on what the engine speed was when you released the throttle. Until the engine spools down to below 3000~3500 rpm, the shoes are going to remain in contact with the clutch bell. So if the wheel is spinning the engine faster than this you will get some drag from engine braking.
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    It even happens when the engine is back at an idle and the bike is still rolling I get this drag/resistance. Maybe the belt tensioner is too tight?
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    Here is a pict. of my bike with the GEBE kit installed with the Tanaka 40 with 105g Velocity rim. I'm getting some drag/resistance and the top speed is only 27mph. Does anyone know what this drag might be and why is my top speed only 27 mph with a 13Tooth gear? Thanks.
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    pict. is in attachments

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    The engine must break in, the drive must "wear" in, the belt must warm and wear in.You will always have a little drag with the belt on (engaged or disengaged), I'm completely broken in (pf4000 and gebe) and only get to 32mph.If you're not going to use the engine you should remove and wrap the belt away from all spinning parts.
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    If this is happening Day 1 minute 1, I have had the same thing with a small stationery engine,and 2 chain saws, No experience with bike motors where the wheel still keeps moving... but my above probs sorted after a small amount of use,both the pawls and the drum from new appeared to be a bit rough at the mating surfaces(inside centrifigal clutch) Hope you get it sorted...
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    Come fly with me GEBE. It hit 29mph today. The engine is getting stronger.
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    with the belt off the gear, spin the gear. it should spin freely with no resistance. if you hear some metal to metal or feel resistance, your clutch mounting bolts or shoes are hitting the drum. you can shim it out slightly under each mounting screw using split lock washers between the engine and GEBE mount. you want to use split lock washers because it has a smaller section width than flat washers. The GEBE mount slips into the engine slightly under the mounting holes. most flat washers are too wide and won't seat properly with the mount protrusion. I had the same problem with clutch drag on with my Tanaka PF-4000. on my Tanaka TC-47 Type R, i have to use 2 split lock washers per screw.

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