GEBE EHO-35 powered Schwinn Meridian/ front wheel drive

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  1. charlestdi

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    I just built this Schwinn Meridian for my father, he's about 70 yrs old, building up his confidence before getting his first motorcycle. He has been more confident with this bike than w/ the scooter I got him a few years ago.

    GEBE's kit is the most expensive, but with the price of the Schwinn Meridian, it's a winning combo. Front wheel drive is the easiest most trouble free mount.

    Even with the high torque gear, it still needs some help on the steepest of hills.

    GEBE produces a great kit with a great motor, the motor started on the first pull.

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  2. bamabikeguy

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    I did that a couple of times. The customers seemed fine, but I didn't like the way it affected the steering.
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    Looks good - a tip if the engine gets reluctant to start in cold weather is a small amount of Model Aircraft fuel - Nitro 10% - helps with starting and also gives you a little top end power and some lubrication which always helps with 4-strokes.

    by a little bit I mean maybe 50mls PER GALLON!

    Hope your father enjoys the bike - you might want to fit a suspension front fork and seatpost because it can get a little bumpy on those at speed...

    Jemma xx
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    Hey Jemma,

    Isn't GB on the same latitude as Maine, Newfoundland and the NW Territories?

    Way too cold blooded for me !

    HNYear and all that tollyrot !@