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    Ok guys here is my second build... It is a 2009 Electra Townie single speed With the robin/subaru eho35 powered GEBE kit. I have a battery powered rear red flashing LED and front headlight, a wireless speedometer, and .50 caliber ammo can side storage. I really, really like this bike. Apart from being ultra smooth/quiet this bike is super comfortable. I have front and rear brakes which is soooo nice when driving in traffic. I have gotten it up to 27 which seems to be the max for now, but I have a 14 tooth gear coming soon. I drive this THING everywhere as it is fast becoming my daily driver... so far my farthest trip has been about 30 miles and I love every minute. As always all comments are welcome and appreciated. Hope you enjoy.

    here are some pics...

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  2. biken stins

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    Like the looks. Like what i read about the engined and set up.
    It's a clean looking machine. well done vert nice !
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    Welcome to the forum.
    I'm a frame mount guy but I like your Townie and the counterbalancing ammo box.
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    Not really new to the forum but thanks....

    I also have a felt red barron with the 80cc frame mount. I think I like the GEBE townie better for daily driving... but the felt is fun to take out every now and then for a good adrenaline rush. Here is a link...

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    I've found those wide mouth 33.oz Scope bottles are the best spare gas containers, so you can put .14 cents in the tank and .45 in the bottle, slap .60 cents on the counter and say "keep the change".

    There is a carp upgrade coming, I'm waiting word on 2 customers who are trying them, to give me results, both are using the #14 too.
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    Bama can you tell us a little more concerning the carb upgrade for the RS? Had mine for about 2 years now and have always wondered about any kind of a performance upgrade for it.
  7. bamabikeguy

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    Two customers contacted a Robin supplier, they found the stock carb acts like it has a governor on it. The price they paid was $60, but I don't have the item number.

    The next day I talked to Denis, he not only verified that, but said he planned on possibly offering it on later models, in the $55-60 range. And he also said speed/hp should increase in a noticeable way.

    The other two "juice ups" those 2 customers have done is take out the muffler screen, and changed to a $5 Diamond Fire spark plug, available at Lowe's down here in the south.

    They are shooting for 35 mph, using the #14 gear, not recommended by Denis, but "do-able".
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    Thanks for the info.
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    can you get a part#
  10. give me vtec

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    I just keep a 5 gallon jug at home... its kinda like having a small gas station. I have just gone through my first 5 gallons... it took little over a month.
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    nice bike to bad it's owned by a retard
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    Knock off the name calling

    Keep this carp up and you'll see how soon you can get booted.
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    I am sorry I said it I am sure your not a retard
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    I try not to be... thanks
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    Yep, when these two guys get the experimentations completed (they have GPS to get exact mpgs, odometers for mph, running two brand new Schwinn Jaguars), I'll get it all detailed in this thread:


    (ooooh, what a breath of fresh air THAT guy is, folks that don't know "to bad" from "too bad" , or "your not " from "you're not", or the difference between "it's owned" and "its owned", best not call others names.)
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    thanks bama... I would appreciate that
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    Like I care about spelling.
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    take the negativity somewhere else...