GEBE : EXTREMELY Important on Tension Lever & Spring : From GEBE



Hello All GEBE enthusiasts,

GEBE wanted me to share this.

The tension lever for the belt is made to 'bob'.

If you modify it with something like a bungie cord, like I did, to keep it from jiggling backwards on a bump, then problems can occur.

Quite possibly that is why I broke spokes.

The tension lever is made to take stress off the belt when making sharp turns that slightly bend the rim etc...

If the lever is forced forward in a permanent manner, then the tension can cause many different types of problems throughout the kit.

Thus said, GEBE Golden Eagle Bike Engines purposely made the lever to flex or 'bob' while riding.

If you hit a railroad track or pothole, it will sometimes disengage the belt. Simply reengage and zoom on.

IF THE SPRING BREAKS, replace the spring quickly with the EXACT spring. Modified springs can cause the same problem.

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Good point ... there was also someone who tried to run the tensioner on the inside (toothed) side of the belt by jamming the bolt on the tensioner.

The way I think about it is if something comes out of the box from a manufacturer unless you can see a major issue with it.. then just use it as is unless and until told otherwise.

I gotta go and get a new inner tube tomorrow - the rear wheel air valve has gone at the joint on the tube.

incidentally - good tip. Take two or three teaspoons with you when you ride. They can be used to remove the tyre so you can get to the tube...

Jemma xx

Hello, How do you deal with excessive bobbing. I am having that problem on both my kits. I have an RS35 and a Tanaka 40. The Tanaka has an afermarket spring but the RS35 only has a couple of 100 miles. It severly affects the performance. When I first got the kit it did not do that. It was when I put it on that crappy folding montegue knock off that I started seeing the problems.
over bobbing

Not sure about the over bobbing. I do not ride on hard trails to avoid excessive jarring. I figure jarring makes bobbing and bobbing makes breaking. However, I know the owner of Golden Eagle mountain rides and mountain races, thus full impacts.