GEBE: First install, first ride, loves and hates


BTB Wild

First the stuff I hated:
1) GEBE wheel did not accept my gear cassette. The cheapie SCHWINN had a "freewheel" and it is a 18 speed ( rear cassette 6 gears) Had to purchase a 7 gear cassette and install. Don't know how to adjust components to accept new gear so I'll have to take it to the shop. This cost me a whole day.:censored: It would have been easier to install the drive ring to my existing wheel. ( cheaper anyway) Or at least mention this in the instructions somewhere.
2) Chasing that **** little black threaded ball down the street not once...but 2 times!:censored: I'm going to screw something else on there that won't roll away. Like a beer tap handle or something.
3) Throttle cable placement is touchy touchy touchy sensitive:eek:
4) Dropping the rear axle I don't know how many times, and walking a mile or so in an effort to center the belt on the gear. It's **** good but it ain't perfect.:confused:
5) taking 3+ days to install something that should have taken 1-2 hours. :oops:
6) don't quite have a feel for the clutch yet......still gotta work on the hills.
I'm working harder than I have to perhaps in an effort to spare the clutch.
Probably should try trail gear?

Here's what I like:
1) a motor on anything is always better than anything without a motor.
2) I like the clip-on throttle cable. You can move it around to reduce fatigue etc.
3) Engine is not too loud. Started in 2 pulls. I should say the volume Db drops off rapidly as you move away from the bike. 1/2 to full throttle is actually quieter than the idle. I still intend to quiet er down some. ( silicone tubing)
4) Free's a's a moped.....and while shooting down a long straight's a motorcycle. It's a blast. :)
5) I was able to take a simple kit and complicate the heck out of the install. Great since I like to tinker........and it still works!
6) I have something I have never seen in my area. My brother says it's because we don't live in Tokyo!:rolleyes:
The more you ride the more you'll come to know your bike... it takes time to get the total feel and the total tweaks down but when you do, watch out!
That little black bouncing threaded ball is the reason I suggested leaving the black cover off for a few days.

You are the first one I've heard using that "throttle clip", I've always tossed them and used a radiator clamp. Glad to hear it works, I've never figured it out on larger/fatter handlebars.

Over in the other thread I saw where Vaughn wondered why I suggested leaving the kill switch off till later.

Thurs. Dave called, one of the Honda engines on the tricycles "lost compression", according to the message on the machine. When I talked to him hours later, I said "check the kill switch", and whoola, a short was found.

The kill switch mount is oval, not round, so you have to "form" it around the handlebar or yoke. I put a piece of electrical tape behind the red button, to double protect against the wire ever touching metal.

You have to scrape some paint or acrylic off the spot where the screw goes in, and have to really tug it sometimes to get the screw and threads lined up, it bends if you aren't careful, the screw hits at an angle, looks ugly.

I just think it is a "final detail", should not get in the way of the first few "test rides". If you unattach it on the engine side too many times, the blue connector might break off, becoming another hassle like the "bouncing down the street black ball".

I started using a foot long piece of black conduit to lay the throttle wire and kill switch wire into, to give it a neat look behind the seat.

Finally, the rewards of "frame-mounting", which would take an hour or so, pays off in lining up the wheel/belt/ for thought for future builders.
Oh, and put a very small dab of white lithium grease up at the thumb throttle end, where the wire enters the black cable fitting. A few pumps of the throttle will get that spot lubricated for good.
Way to go !!
I like the throttle clip cause I can move it around so my hand doesn't get so tired. My little ball hasn't fell off yet, but as soon as I say that it will fall off LOL !! I am using my original 14g wheel and all is well at 275miles. I zip tied right at the start. I did the same as you yesterday trying to get my belt in the center of the looks great going down to the ring gear but I cant get it centered on the clutch keeps going towards the engine. It doesnt look really snug, but it is against the inside of the gear and I am noticing very slight one spot looks like a few strands of peach fuzz and the side of the belt is showing some white lines all along it in spots 4-8 inches long. I tried moving engine over but it wont budge..loosened bolts too. I also moved the legs up and down...don't know what else to I gave up.
Glad to hear it's moving you down the road...even if it is to chanse the little black ball.

I wonder if these quality GEBE kits are going to strat replacing the Happy times????
Let me explain the black ball issue BAMA. As you suggested, I left the cover off for my initial short rides. However, I noticed that the throttle cable was vibrating against the open threads and left an abrasion mark. I slapped the cover and ball on quickly to protect the wires. I would ride for awhile, stop to inspect alignment and other issues by popping the cover.......thus chasing the little black ball down the sloping streets of W PA.
I have not walked ( align gear) nor ran ( chasing ball) so much since purchasing the GEBE kit. It's been great exercise.:oops:
I have also disconnected the kill wire several times for various reasons. I pulled the blue piece off. The switch still works but has failed intermittently since. Where do you put the tape to insulate the kill switch? Over the strap on the back and behind the switch? I have not stretched the strap yet. I have the switch zip tied to the seat post for now.
yes BAMA, I have followed many of your suggestions......yet becoming well versed in Murphy's Law as well.:)
Where do you put the tape to insulate the kill switch? Over the strap on the back and behind the switch?

To clarify, just a small piece of tape to reinforce the black wire cover. Road vibration could eventually cause the wire to cut, which would then ground out to the metal. So you don't tape the whole area, just the spot where the black wire emerges from the kill button housing.
I didn't do that one. I wrapped the kill button wire from the engine about a quarter way up cause the wire is so flimsy. I gotta do that one too. So far it works good.