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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by chaddwinkle, May 21, 2009.

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    So, I've had my gebe setup for a couple of months now and so far all three mounting bolts provided with the kit have sheared off. I don't know if the supplied bolts are worthless because my commute is short and smooth. So my real question is: How do I remove the stripped hex bolt that is attached to the spinning mechanism (sorry I dont know the technical name). I was trying to remove all the hex bolts to get to the sheared mounting bolts and stripped one of them. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Man if they are shered off you might have to use a EZ-out..
    You might want to call GEBE and ask them, your kit may still be under warranty ???
    it's worth a try...
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    did the bolts shear off clean or is there a little bit sticking out that you might be able to grab with vice grips....
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    If you have a Dremel, cut-off wheel to cut a slot in the bolt and back it out with a flat screwdriver.
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    When you first get your bike running, and start exploring the neighborhoods in ways you can't do in a car, I highly recommend folks stop by small engine repair shops, lawn mower repair guys (esp. the ones who do it behind the house).

    And especially city folks who don't have much access to a shop full of tools. Just get out there in the outskirts of town and make a few introductions.

    Small engine folks ARE interested in your setup, so are motorcycle shops, and you'll find them friendly and helpful.

    That way, if such an emergency occurs, instead of buying a drimel or a special sized drill bit you'll only use once, you could go to your acquaintance and might get it fixed quick and cheap.

    Just bring along the new nuts and bolts so the task is completed with the minimum of hassle.