Ebay GEBE honda 35 kit $589 BINP save $100

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by darwin, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. darwin

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  2. darwin

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    OK you don't save $100 its more like $50 but still you save a few bucks, shipping price added to full retail is what I was going by and no shipping on the ebay price.
  3. grinningremlin

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    That's Golden Eagle's ebay auctions.If we could find out where they source the sheave and drive housing, we could DIY for much cheaper.
  4. rawly old

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    Their sheave is the same size as a 20" whl rim, which is what I used
    on my DIY; their pulley is a 12,13,or 14t timing pulley
    Just when I had everything on my DIY working beautifully disaster
    struck. It is with profound sadness I must announce the untimely
    demise of my humble yet noble $15 blue Huffy. She cracked a
    frame & I had to put her down. Poor old HUffer!
    Yet, Behold, She lives on, having donated her organs,( parts),
    To my next $15 dollar bike, a sadly abused old school mtn. bike
    of undetermined origin. Undetermined becuz it's wearing three
    different coats of paint, and is comprised of Japanese, English,
    German, & American parts, Some of which are neither metric or inch.
    Those must be Chinese. None-the-less, I have her fully restored
    except for one derailleur cable and the need of a longer rear skewer.
    I think this bike is a world traveler with a life of it's own. I think,
    appropriately, I shall name her 'Black Beauty'.