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    My usual message is a problem or a complaint. This is neither. My Psycho wheel is perfect. Absolutely tracks as straight as can be. Perfect. Money well spent. If I had any recommendation for future customers it would be to invest in your per-built rear wheel. Now to the Tanaka engine. It just keeps running smoother each day. More money well spent. Great job! I am so pleased that I purchased your product and customer service. Please keep it up. I will also post this message on motoredbikes,com. Excellent.


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    I agree I wish i started off using a GEBE. I used a DE at first and had lots of breakdowns and problems with that setup. I used the Mitshubishi 43cc engine off the DE and bought a GEBE kit with the heavy gauge rear wheel and it is much smoother and reliable than the DE.
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    I just had a spoke blow out on my gebe belt custom bike @ 40mph! What is it that makes the "HD" wheel heavy duty? I am not familiar with rim lacing or even truing correctly but all I can think is to up the gadge of spokes at least on the sheave side. I have disk brakes and really nice rims I think that the spokes rattled loose so ill ask the bike shop tech to use loctite on the spokes when I have it repaired. Will tiptieing where the spokes cross stiffen it up any? I can't afford the hd wheel atm so any help on truing and maintaining a sheaved wheel would be greatly appreciated.
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    WHOA! are you OK? Did anything get damaged? IDK about loctite in spokes, it just seems that spokes need adjusted too often and it would make that a pain. Youtube has some good videos on truing wheels. spoke wrenches are cheap, just make sure it fits TIGHT. I'd practice on a old rim first. I just trued one that was so wobbly it would lock on the brake on BOTH sides with the cable off!! (cantilever). which i would of taken pics , but lost my data cable anyhow. I have read about and seen pics of folks that put zips where the spokes cross, so it must work somewhat. My new GEBE kit should be here any day and I plan on doing this to the spokes as ATM I cannot afford their wheel and mine is a very cheap single wall, but 36 spoked. the one that came on my bike was a araya multi-wall with shimano deore hubs, BUT 32 spokes. Maybe it would of handled the kit fine, I only weigh 160, anyway, I didn't want to purchase another drive sheave for the 36 spoked 105g GEBE wheel when the time came, so Ill be using the cheapo during break-in. Engine is a 40 cc tanaka pure fire. Ill keep you posted on the results.
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    I'm fine thanks for concern. The only thing that really happened was the one spoke snapped and the wheel went wobbly but because I have disk brakes the wheel didn't lock up or anything to make me loose it. I was able to limp it home a few miles. It just started vibrating but " at 42 mph est " it scared the **** out of me and I almost panic stopped witch could have been worse than the rear locking up.

    I am going to get the wheel re laced with new 12g spokes and ziptie the crossed laces together as well as re grease the bearings and remove the quick release axle for a solid one for safety purposes.
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    Glad to hear you got it home ok, it sounds like you've got a good plan for getting your ride safe at ''Eagle Speeds" . Last year I crashed My road bike over 45 MPH on a decent.Front sidewall blow out on Kevlar belted tire. wire bead caught up in the caliper, NO FUN!! , Luckily my injuries were minimal as i was able to slow the bike down a bit before being bucked off. If you have a quick release , where do you have the mount bolted to? the frame? my shimano s skewer looks as thin as the tip of a bic pen!!! scary!! MY 36 spoke wheel has a threaded solid axle, I just hope its long enough!!
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    [​IMG] custom mount...

    I need to get some current pics that was two weeks ago. Hope I don't have any more close calls.
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    In 1978 I carried a motorized bicycle in the back of my airplane. Not a very good one, but when it worked I put it to good use.

    It became some what of a hobby to improve reliabilty and quality. I suppose I have tried just about every kit out there including my own custom multi 9 speed drive. With some I even won awards in a couple car shows.

    I only wrote this to pass on that only a select few I find to meet these up grade qualifications and the GEBE is one.

    Years ago I bought one of the first GEBE kits and had spoke trouble also. I applied mods to the spokes plus keeping them taunt helped some. The last kit from GEBE, I ordered their strong wheel with belt rim installed and added a 42cc mishubishi engine. Using the largist front dive spindal acheiving a top speed over 40 mph. I sold the bike to Steve who uses it for full time transportation and pulls a trailer usualy with a heavy load. After hundreds of miles ( Steve says"in the thousands of miles"), no broken spokes. He had a couple belts break but that engine is pretty powerful and the heavy loads he pulls may be asking too much for the belt. However, I read that GEBE has come out with a heavy duty belt that may take care of Steve's belt problem.

    I don't put together motorized bicycles to sell. People just stop me on the street and ask where to buy a bike like mine. sometimes my collection grows too big, so they select one they like except for a couple I will not part with. Just to let you know I am not pushing the GEBE. Stanton turns out some good products along with the newer EZ by Lee Gunther. I bought a couple good fricition drives from James at BMP but I think he is out of business.

    Best Regards

    Will Snow

  9. Dear dr god. I love you custom mount. However you pic doesn't really do it justice. Can you take more pics to show how you did that.....with the 40 cc engine there should be a lot weight pushing down towards the rear wheel. And the torque from acceleration will pull the engine toward the rear of the bike.

    Shoot more pics of tbat mount....I Ge seen many gebe setups but NONE dismiss the lower mount strap
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    Crazy sick custom mount dchevy!! Love it!
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    Thank-you much i do too when it runs right. I need a coil drop kit, the long rod raised the head 1mm and the coil isn't making a very hot spark because of it. It'll start fine run even better and die unexpectedly and not want to restart, i pull the plug let it air out and retry starting it most of the time it will fire but sometimes its stubborn. Ill get it purring like a kitten soon with a new carb and the coil relocated.