GEBE Kit arrived Yesterday.



GEBE kit arrived yesterday. :) Here are first thoughts.. I was suprised by:

1) How Narrow the belt is. That is not the picture I had in my head. Sure is light though.

2) How few parts there are. I love simple. This thing is like a weedeater... You slap your forhead and say, I could have invented that. If these became mainstream popular and millions were sold, the kit minus the engine could be mass produced and sold at retail for $125 bucks instead of $350.. Dennis would be rich from the licensing fees. I am not crying about the price, just having thoughts on how other technologies have become cheaper through mass acceptance.

Choosing the bike has been the real challange so far. :mad: Lots and lots of bikes on Craigslist in this area. Most of it is junk. Shopping is fun though.

Anyway, I have the spoke ring installed. I brought it in the house setup next to the computer screen and pulled up Bamabikeguy's tutorial with nice color pictures. Do it the way he says and be extra careful with this step and it is pretty painless.

Today I will try to strap on the engine and see what happens.
SabreWalt's Engine is mounted.

Engine is mounted. It has to sit just aft of top dead center on the wheel to avoid the brakes. I did not have to buy one bolt or screw.. Throttle clip works but I am going to change it like everybody else.

Going down to get a gas can, some gasoline and a funnel or two. I rode it a little bit with the engine off to see how the track setteled out. Not bad REALLY close. but it touches the inside edge of the drive wheel when you let it have it's way.

Pictures after my first ride.
If you did not pick a bike what kind of wheel did you put the ring on ?
I had my kit on 2 bikes. A 18 speed cheapo from Kmart /JUST JUNK !!. I liked the
7 speed Schwinn the best.
have fun with you build ! Bmikeybikey