GEBE Kit with Tanaka PF 4000 (40 cc) on K2 Easy Street bike with Velocity Rim+extras

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    Hello all,

    I am looking to sell my 2009 GEBE Kit with Tanaka PF 4000 (40 cc) on K2 Easy Street bike with Velocity Rim+extras. I live in the northeast and I only get to ride it a few times a year so it's still in incredible shape. The motor starts easy and runs strong and has many years left in her as does the bike. I recently replaced the bell housing, the drive gear, the belt and the performance air filter and have only ridden it to test drive it after replacing those parts. The bike is awesome and is a perfect platform for a motorized bike. It is by far the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden with swept back handlebars and a cool seat post which feel like you're riding on air. I've purchased many extras which will come with the bike including a high capacity carb with performance air filter (original carb as well), headlight, fuel bottle, original unused rear rim, cool black helmet with dark black shield and a performance pipe I had modified which is currently not on the bike. This is a great bike for the price. I have well over $1k invested and I'm looking to sell it and all the extras for $700.
    The bike is in Ayer MA so I could meet a local buyer somewhere (within reason). Shipping may be an option if you can tell me where I can take it to have it packaged for shipment although payment would have to be received up front.


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