GEBE Long Distance Riders - Add a Tank for 50 oz of Extra Fuel

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    I though some of you might be interested in a clean looking 2nd fuel tank solution. You also don't have to modify your stock tank by drilling holes in it. Here it is:

    I found a used Goped 1.5L (50 oz) fuel tank, and came up with a simple mounting solution. You will need a Goped tank, a Goped tank mounting kit, and a piece of thin aluminum stock from your local hardware.

    Parts List:

    Goped 1.5L Tank Kit - This kit comes with fuel lines and filter attached (lines need to be 24" long), mounting hardware and a cap.

    One Fuel Line Fitting (get at least 2, just in case)

    Optional Stainless Hardware Kit

    Optional Tank Cover

    1/16" Thick x 3/4" Wide x 10" Long 6061 Aluminum Stock

    Automotive Silicone Seal (black preferred)

    To make the lower mount:

    Cut 2 pieces of the aluminum stock 3.5" long. I used some metal cutting shears for a clean cut. If the metal bends or curls, you can lightly hammer it back flat.

    Drill two 1/4" diameter holes through both pieces 2.5" apart. Make sure that your holes line up, or it will be difficult to install. I used a vise to hold them together while drilling.

    Remove all sharp edges.

    Your lower mount is now finished.

    To mount the Goped tank to to your GEBE kit:

    You will need to drill one 15/64" (1/4" is OK) diameter hole in your GEBE lower mount strap for the top tank mounting point. The GEBE lower mount strap is hard steel, so drilling will take a while. I used a hand drill, and put a drop of oil on the drill every minute or so to keep it lubricated while drilling. This will keep it from getting dull. To get the drill started, you can use a smaller drill (1/8" should be fine) to start the hole in the spot where you want to drill. The larger drill will move around when you try start the hole. Be careful, and go slow.

    Mount the tank using the lower mount you made, and the mounting hardware supplied in the kit, before you drill the top mounting hole. The 2 aluminum pieces go on either side of the GEBE lower mount strap (see pic). They will "pinch" the steel strap and hold the tank in place. Keep it loose enough that you can move it up and down to find the best tank position. You could end up with a problem if you don't find the right mounting position. Put the cap on the Goped tank so you don't get metal chips in it while drilling

    I drilled my hole about 6.5" up from the center line of the axle. You will need to make sure that you place this hole at the proper height for your engine and mounting position. For example, if I had my tank mounted level at the bottom instead of "up and down", I may have had to put the hole lower, so the tank would sit lower. Put some thought into this, as you can end up with the tank too close to your engine, making it hard, or impossible to fill. My tank is mounted just a little too high for my Tanaka 33. I can fill it using a gas container with a flexible hose, so it works OK for me. If you mount your tank lower, be sure that the lower bracket you just made will clear your frame.

    The 50 oz Goped tank and your stock tank should give you over 70 ounces of fuel. 64 ounces is a half gallon. This could give you a range of about 80 miles with a Tanaka 33 and even more with a Subaru.

    The fuel lines should be set up as follows:

    Remove the return line and the black grommet from your stock tank. It's the shorter line that dumps gas back into your tank when you push the primer bulb.

    Leave the fuel line that goes to the bottom of your stock tank, with the filter attached to it, as is. Your carb will be drawing fuel the same way it did before.

    Attach the YELLOW line from the Goped tank to the fuel return fitting on the carb. Your fuel will return to the Goped tank now.

    Place a fuel line fitting (shown in the parts list above) into the end of the BLUE fuel line from the Goped tank. Be sure it's completely inside the line, about 3/16"- 1/4" from the end. You may need to put some rubbing alcohol on the fitting it to get it to slide in. If you used the alcohol, let it dry for a while so the fitting doesn't move on you. If you are drinking alcohol, sleep it off and finish the job tomorrow. Carefully push the BLUE fuel line into the open hole on your stock tank until one end fuel line fitting goes into the tank. You will leave one end of the fitting showing (see pic). No grommet is needed, as you will have a good seal this way. Fuel will be now sucked from the Goped tank to your stock tank as you ride.

    What must be done with your Gas Caps:

    You must seal the small vent hole on your stock tank. First clean the top of your cap with rubbing alcohol. Grab your silicone seal, and place a small bead over the vent hole on the outside of the cap (see pic). After it dries overnight, you will have a good seal.

    The cap on the Goped tank stays as is, and will now vent your fuel system.

    Note: The lower tank mount that you made is adjustable, so you can mount the Goped tank level, even if your GEBE lower mount strap leans foprward or backward a bit. Leave the 3 bolts for the lower mount a bit loose. position your new tank how you want it, tighten the top mount, then tighten the lower mount. Tighten the 3 mounting nuts enough to hold the tank in place, but do not over tighten them, as you could damage the tank. Ifyou have a torque wrench, 5 ft lbs (or 10 newton meters) should be more than enough.

    Note: TerraPilot mentions below that the Subaru gas cap is vented differently. See his note a few posts below. Thanks!

    Finished Installation

    Goped 1.5L (50 oz) Tank

    Installed Tank, Showing Mounting Bracket

    Sealed Vent on Stock Tanaka PF33 Fuel Cap (See note below for Subaru)

    Fuel Line Attachment

    BLUE fuel Line installed in stock tank - IMPORTANT: Note the fuel fitting inside the fuel line

    Fuel line routing: Lines run from the back of the GEBE lower mount strap, under engine, then up to carb and tank. Your installation may be different, and you may need to cut your fuel lines for a neat installation. Route your lines completely before cutting off any excess. Be careful not to expose the lines to excess heat, and keep them away from your spokes. When using wire ties, use as little pressure as possible to prevent pinching your fuel lines.

    My GEBE Setup. It's a great riding bike, and it all works excellent!
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  2. TerraPilot

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    Hi Andy;
    Small world. Just talked to Julia at GEBE. I'm attempting the very thing you've just done here. She will be pleased to see your post here. I must say, however, when you refer to "see Photo", I fail to see the photo or picture you refer too. LOL Although the tank is a little pricey it is the cleanest installation I've seen yet. Dennis at GEBE described a slightly difference fuel tube configuration. I wont detail it because it will but confuse the subject and I'm sure yours works too.

    PS I over here in Memphis. LOL
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    t'anks for the tank-topic, andy.

    i'll re-post this link as reference to den's method of plumbing the fuel-line:

    EDIT: pay no attention to the big red can i used, the theory is the same no matter what tank you use.

    note this method has only one line to the extra tank, the return line stays in the main tank...a benefit is that the lower tank will only "siphon" until the main tank level is lower than the aux outlet.

    both ways will work depending on your setup.

    andy: when i plugged the vent in my tanaka 32cc all i did was use a short sheet-metal screw.

    EDIT: nice mounting fabs...almost exactly what i imagined would work but had never tried...good deal.
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    could you post some more pics... maybe of the backside and below the bottom???

    GREAT MOD!!!! VERY EXCITING!!! I was looking for something to go on that side and it would free up some space in my ammo can.... Thanks for the info.
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    The tank on the GEBE Subaru is vented differently. The tank cap has no hole in the top.
    The air is vented threw the slots in the threads on the tank lip. I know this sounds screwy but this results in a one-way value affect that allows air into the tank but no air out. This is the long way around to explain that to seal off the venting of the tank one must fill in the to little holes on the inside of the fuel cap with a little sillicone seal. You can't make this stuff up. LOL
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    I just ordered the parts... thanks again, this is going to be great.
  7. give me vtec

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    its ok... I will make it work.
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    very nice mod. best looking one i've seen so far and am going to give it a try if i can score a used goped tank for a bargain price. does anyone know how well the neoprene tank cover holds up to gas spillage?
  9. AndyT

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    The tank cover does fine with gas spillage. I had a big fuel disaster and just washed it by hand. It still looks great.
  10. AndyT

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    Pictures Added

    Hey guys, the pictures have just been added, and I made a few text edits.
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    Well done on the pics! even a bonehead like me can install one now. Thanks for your contribution, AndyT. This is a "must have" mod for us long distance riders. I'm tired of having my backpack smelling like fuel from carrying a small bottle of gas sealed in plastic ziploc bags.
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    I just got off the phone with Julia. I needed to order a front wheel. I mentioned that you had spoken with her today and she said "you must mean Bob, he's a super nice guy". She said she has been looking for a tank for you. She was excited to hear about this tank setup and I gave her a link to it.

    So, you live a few hours away! We should do a ride sometime when the weather is better.

    Man, it sounds like you could blow yourself up carrying gas that way. They would mistake you for a suicide bomber! Do this tank mod and be safe!
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    Sweet thread. I've been waiting for someone to post something like this.
    Did you post pics of the finished project because I don't see them?
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    Try refreshing your browser a few times. That should help. The pics are all there.
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    Andy says, "So, you live a few hours away! We should do a ride sometime when the weather is better."

    I'm still dialing mine in. But the weather is still holding out here. I like the GEBE so much I got one for my wife's bike too.

    Mine is a Cruzbike Recumbent with the cranks driving the front wheel. By driving the back wheel with the GEBE it makes my bike an all wheel drive vehicle. How cool is that? :grin5:

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    Thats one Sweet Tank !!!!

    I now have a winter project !!!!
    Thanks for sharing the post ....
  17. AndyT

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    Your bike looks very nice. All wheel drive, just like my Subaru!

    Why did you decide to build the recumbent?
  18. TerraPilot

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    Just a suggestion for your consideration. I have found an alternative tank see the link here;
    I found a thread discussing hikers and cycle guys who were using nalgene water containers to pack extra gas. I spied the above container at Nalgene site. Interested in your opinion.
    I was considering making a carrying pouch out of some thick webbing polypropalene material I have laying around. In some sort of saddle bag configuration as a way of mounting it on the bike. The tank is priced at around $12. What do you think?
  19. AndyT

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    The whole job should take a couple of hours. Maybe you get the chimp in your avatar to help and make it last all winter! The only tough part is drilling through the GEBE lower mount. Use a new USA made drill for best results.
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    I just installed mine... very easy, it took maybe an hour and a half. And good news... it definitely works on the robin subaru eh035!!! Its easy... all you have to do is run the fuel lines from the auxiliary tank up the support strap under the tank to the existing fuel lines, there is even a nice place to run the lines between the engine and the existing tank. Then use a plastic t fitting (available at home depot) to splice the auxiliary lines to the existing lines. It sucks from both tanks simultaneously.

    Big ups to andyT for coming up with a great solution to our capacity problem... now I dont have to carry a Listerine bottle in my ammo can. THANKS!!!

    If anybody is interested I will post some pics....