GEBE : Mid-Wheel-Drive Articulated-Trike

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  1. augidog

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    i said in the "bike trailer" thread that i wasn't gonna be able to do any more fabbing right now...i was wrong, shoot i couldn't walk away from this for more than half an hour today, i forgot to eat until after 3 o'clock. all tacked together, i put the 42lb generator in it for a pedal-test. pretty solid a little wobble...needs a few strategic gussetts & time to weld it all up then it WILL be solid...and then i gotta bribe shane to paint it :)

    the lines have spoken for themselves, it's a permanent's amazing it looks clunky (it is getting heavy) but it handles so nice. i expect to be down to low 20mph average touring speed, and who cares? by the time i'm finished there'll be an "articulated" skirt of some sort put into play, and the taillight will go on the rear. i have a great idea about a (zip-tie) hinged rear fender that outta work with the rear "shockster" just fine, too .

    long (trailer) story short, this has already become a part of Sabrina-II...she has been building herself all along & i just have to listen...not even finished and it isn't a bike with a trailer anymore, to me this baby's an Inline-Trike forevermore.

    3 steel rims, 10G front/9G mid/12G rear, drum-brakes front & mid, rear v-brake capable (!), 3 schwalbe marathons (50-559 reflex) w/thorn-resistant tubes, mid-wheel belt-drive. built to take a beating & about to get one too ;)

    i've been wanting to do a "finished" gallery of the bike-now-trike with some detail before i hit the road anyways, it's gonna start out as an "almost finished" instead.

    i'm off the grid after this weekend (no internet) but will make a final post of the whole contraption before i split :cool2:

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  2. very nice work, well done. Can you show us some photos of the back wheel its looks like suspension :).

    SAFE riding! 20mph should give you time to smell the roses.
  3. augidog

    augidog New Member

    "Shockster" add-on suspension

    it was made for a 120-200 lb's stiff & i'm still tuning the springs for the lighter load.

    and as i mentioned, it's v-brake maybe there's some more mad-scientist stuff yet to do.

    thank you for the positive feedback fireball' :cool:

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  4. ibdennyak

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    I like it. Ingenious use of the steering tube for a hitch. Looks like something I would build.....meant as a compliment, but I don't know if it is....:whistling::jester:
  5. give me vtec

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    very interesting augi... I like your work here.

    ... what do you mean by "off the grid".... completely off??? No running water solar only electricity kinda thing???
  6. augidog

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    [QUOTE='denny]Looks like something I would build.....meant as a compliment, but I don't know if it is....[/QUOTE]thanks, i think :whistling: the headset-hitch is definitely a strong joint no doubt :)

    cable/internet is being turned off in preparation for my departure...i'll have to "borrow" or use the library...but we have rain and possible 70mph winds today, so "off the grid" could be real at any minute, we're prepared...thanks for the input, i am loving this new configuration a LOT :cool2:
  7. seanhan

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    Man I wish I could go off the grid !!!!
    The gride is getting too expensive !!!!!
  8. SimpleSimon

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    Really very creative and innovative combination of systems you have assembled, augi. Well done, indeed.

    Your comment about the "trailer" wheel being brake capable has me interested. I've run into a bit of difficulty with my trike project - simply put, my only (partially) functional hand is no longer reliably strong enough to rely on it for braking pressures, especially on longer rides when it gets pretty fatigued.

    So, I'm looking at applying some RC type technology to my braking issues. Specifically, I plan to run a pair of linear actuator circuits from a differential potentiometer switch. When pulled, the lever activated switch will activate linear pull actuators at each disc brake caliper assembly - two at the rear and one in the front, with braking force split 55% front, 45% rear. The further the brake lever is squeezed, the more braking force will be applied. If I can work it out I'll make the brakes ABS, with a rotation sensor front and rear that will cut braking force if a wheel ceases actually turning while braking. I don't like wheels locked up skids. The whole thing won't pull much power, and since I'm going with a 12 volt system based around a motorcycle battery anyway, it isn't a worry on losing braking ability.

    I have a 12 volt smart charger from a defunct portable power drill which I intend to wire permanently into the electrical system, with a short coiled pigtail for when it is parked to plug into mains power for recharging. The useful part of that only weighs two ounce, and fits inside a large prescription bottle (I got lots of those).

    So, why not an electric trailer brake, augi?
  9. augidog

    augidog New Member

    thank you SimpleSimon...there is quite a collection of rare & "vintage" parts in my ride...she's a work of salvage-art in my opinion...the "brands included" list is pretty long.

    [QUOTE='Simon]So, why not an electric trailer brake, augi?[/QUOTE]well, in my case, it would be because i wouldn't have the slightest idea how to design or build it...but i understand your explaination and i see it happening :)

    if i use a rear brake, i'll piggy-back a cable off the mid-wheel drum to apply at the same time, easily adjusted for balance too i would think :cool:
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  10. mabman

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    Ha, just can't keep your hands off that project. Winds or no that is looking better all the time.
  11. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    I like the way you think. Been thinking about a manual electronic speed controller on a Nu Vinci hub on a pusher......kind of a shift by wire. Never thought about electronic brakes. Should work.....been using them on trailers for years. The ABS might get a bit complicated though. I was thinking hydraulic, but electric would be even nicer. My problem I am trying to solve is having to connect and disconnect cables every time I unhook the trailer. Have to give this some thought. Or just copy what Augi comes up with. :jester:
  12. augidog

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    denny, my rear brake would be rube goldberg all the way...fab a set of brackets and the mid-drum's actuator arm would pull the rear brake cable...i guess it could be quick-connect easily enuff. i'm only going rear-brake if i need it, after the build's finished and i ride it fully loaded i'll know.

    note to self: it's prolly the gas damper on the shockster where the problem is.

    no i cannot, this is about the most fun i could be having at the last minute. stay in touch, bob, we still have to get shane & kevin to do the bridge ;)

    that's about it for now...lots to do before the end of the month so i don't think i'll miss the interbent much...i'll be back eventually with a full set of of pics and specs :cool2:
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  13. Alaskavan

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    Pretty cool Augie. Have you contacted the Alaska Marine Highway system to find out how they will deal with Sabrina when you load her on the ferry? Also, a general thought for traveling, aren't you a vet? A Legion card would be pretty handy when traveling. Almost any town, of any size, has a Legion Hall. Good place to meet good people.
  14. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Might I suggest, if you are at all disabled, that you contact the national park service, and the various state park's depts? If you are disabled, you are entitled to a pass that will get you into any national park or recreation area or monument for free, and many states have similar provisions. The national park system card can be obtained at the entry point to any controlled access national park, by showing a handicapped/disabled ID. It even works on controlled access national scenic highways/byways.

    I obtained one each for Texas, Colorado, and Utah by showing my ID and the national pass at state visitors bureau offices. It has saved me a lot of money in park fees, and in site rental fees at national recreation areas. Well worth doing.
  15. augidog

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    van, there's a slim chance i might be able to hitch a ride (75' fishing boat) up to juneau, won't know for sure for a while yet...but i'll need to ferry back so i guess i should email AMH a pic with specs to get an idea of the fare, good call :idea:

    simon, got it covered...the first parks facility i visit that offers a pass i will have one...i'm going into portland this week to get a new VA medical picture-ID for just that purpose :)

    the week after that is all about finishing the "trike" :helmet:

    i'll be updating anyone needs to know anything from my netzero address or cell-phone :cool2:
  16. augidog

    augidog New Member


    fully laden with more than i expected to be able to carry...she tracks like a cool breeze (33mph in a downhill sprint)...the brakes are fine as is...time to dress it up :cool:

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  17. mabman

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    It's a 74' ex fishing boat turned tender actually and if you are at the dock before the boat leaves you have a ride to Juneau for sure.

    The trailer looks really good. Looks alot different than when you were laying it out on the garage floor only a few short weeks ago. Glad it hauls and handles as well as you envisioned also. When are you bringing it over the bridge?
  18. ibdennyak

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    Hey, that's lookin good. I'm surprised that an RS can pull it loaded at 30+. Says something for the GEBE I guess. We'll have to put you on Haines hill and see what it does. :jester:

    Sounds liike your re action to the single wheel trailer is the same as mine.....if set up right, they handle really well. I thought the pusher configuration would be uncontrollable, especially when slippery, but I was wrong, well I suppose you could make it uncontrollable by doing something stoopid, but.........
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  19. Stan4d

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    Just one comment that is a little off topic. I started a thread for those who want to wish Augi luck on his trip. It is in the traveling and commuting section.
  20. augidog

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    mabman, i'll be calling soon about details, would you mind emailing me at netzero so i have your info in my database please? "the bridge" test is something i have to admit i'm not looking forward to, but after my belt/gear order arrives i know i'll have to do it.

    denny: not an R/S (tho i'd kill for a 40cc 4-stroke) but a tanaka purefire 40cc.

    my first (extreme) test-ride was "something stoopid" alright: i stuffed the bin with a 177cc wisconsin-robin 4-stroke, 5 spare SLA batteries, one brick, 4 cans of housepaint, currie electric motor, sleeping could hardly pick it i climbed up in speed it started a wobble that increased until i was being thrown left & right about 30 degrees each way!...i was convinced i'd just killed myself and the bike. anyways, the "extreme brake test" was a success & we both lived, whew!

    the real payload (as in pics above) is about a 3rd of my extreme test and is smooth and stable...removing the gas-damper made a huge difference in the suspension. drop it from a foot high and the tire sticks like a dead basketball...everything's so well-balanced it doesn't even move on the stand when i do a drop-test...all in all i know i'm blessed how well it worked out :cool:

    edit for Stan4d: thank you buddy...i look forward to texas but i think i may be a while getting there :)
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