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    Hello everyone. I am currently running a hybrid bike with a 4 horse-power golden eagle kit. I commute with it ride it into town 4 seasons out of the year. Ive been into the idea of MAB's for years, but only in the last year have I scraped together the money. I decided to go for broke and get a golden eagle. I built it on to a cheep mongoose bike. Big mistake. In the end I had to have the back wheal re-built at my local bike shop for a huge sum. I it runs a lot smoother now but next time I will go with the wheels GEBE makes for there kits. I added a large front rack and a center kick stand. the red basket over the back was and interesting idea. I cut out the bottom and fit it over the engine with some homemade aluminum brackets as well as some pipe clamps. It stays on alright doesn't impede the kit, and cuts back on the questioning. It runs alright at the moment aside from some problems with my ground switch.

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    Pretty good stealth.4hp??What engine is it, does it torque the spokes?
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    It is a Honda and its bright red but other then that I am very undereducated about it. I originally ordered one of there Subaru engine but was told they where out-stocked and got this one instead. I have had no problems is and haven't asked questions. I have also had no trouble with the spokes as of yet, but that was my first thought as I put it on. It seams to run very smoothly for what it is.
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    Looks good, you just need to paint your wheel ring black?!