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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by astring, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. astring

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    I received an email confirming my gebe kit on June 28 and here I am on July 7 and still do not have my kit. Are gebe using a slower service? Usually UPS delivers in 2 or 3 days not 10 or 11 days. Anyone else having this happen?

    I ordered a gas cap from Staton, I got a UPS email on june 29 and had the cap on July 3.

  2. Russel

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    I think they are very behind.
    Go to the site and read them the message they wrote.
  3. astring

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    I know that they are behind. I was asking about once it is sent out, once it is out of their hands. As I said I got a confirmation email on June 28 on the gebe product and still do not have the product, yet with another purchase with another company I got a confirmation email on June 29 and received the product on July 3. This is not about the "very behind" thing, I am talking about the postage thing.
  4. stringer

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    hey man they probably sent it out UPS ground. when I deal with UPS ground that means 5 business days if all goes well. My last 3 shipments did not go well. My past 2 (this month) were both delayed. And I'm still waiting on a now outdated Lenovo laptop I ordered in 2006.

    Now, your 5 business days are the 30th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th. My guess is you will get it tonight or tomorrow. Didn't they give you a tracking number? :confused:
  5. astring

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    I did get the number. Still though 9 days seems excessive. I have never had to wait that long on a UPS order. All of the reviews on their site say 3 or 4 days. 2006? weird. I'd say they should pay you back for that one.
  6. augidog

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    i am on the same timetable as you are. not 9 days, holiday plus weekend in there, numbers last week, 2 kits arrived in town today...have you gone to ups and tracked the number?
  7. stringer

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    its 9+ days because you landed on two weekends, one of which is a holiday. ups is slow as heck too.

    they refunded my money for that laptop long ago. however i still spend enumerable afternoons peeking out the blinds waiting for it to show up. :cry:
  8. astring

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    I called UPS and gave them my number. They said it is in the truck and the guy has 19 more packages before mine..arrrggg:evil:

    maybe Dennis should look into other shippers.
  9. stringer

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    i havent had good luck with fedex either.
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  10. sparky

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    You do know that you can copy & paste that tracking number into Google and it'll link you directly to the tracking info, right?? If you have Firefox, you can just highlight the tracking number & click "Search Google for yada yada"

    Yup, both companies have let me down. I used to be a FedEx advocate because of their cheap prices, but I think UPS seems to be more reliable & quicker now. Either way, I think it's all shipping carriers, including USPS, that are experiencing delays now. I think everybody's buying stuff online and shipping other stuff to save on tax, gas, whatever... so they're all a bit overloaded right now.
  11. astring

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    Well I must say that calling UPS is the way to go. I asked them to rush the package over and they really did. it was here in less than a half hour after I called. squeaky wheel