Pull Start GEBE pulley install problem

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Gray Rider, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Gray Rider

    Gray Rider New Member

    I'm installing a GEBE kit on a Felt Beach cruiser and am having trouble getting the spokes to snap into the pulley. This bike has fairly thick spokes and I'm sure that is the problem, but what is the cure? Should I try to enlarge the holes in the pulley? I'll call GEBE in the morning but wondered if anyone here has run into this problem.

    Thanks, David

  2. zean

    zean New Member

    Hi Gray Rider. I would not enlarge the holes in that pulley-drive ring, I would snap the spokes in there then glue that area with locktite or gorilla glue.
  3. Gray Rider

    Gray Rider New Member

    I called GEBE and they told me to enlarge the holes VERY SLIGHTLY, I used a very small drill bit and enlarged the holes as they said. Once this was done the spokes snapped in with a loud click and all seems well. The bike rides great and the Honda engine starts first time, every time.

    Top speed so far (with a 210 lb. rider) is 28 mph. BIG GRINS!
  4. zean

    zean New Member

    Thankyou Gray Rider. I thought the drive ring would lose its hold in the wheel and get a little bit out of round if the holes were enlarged. The GEBE wheels they sell with the drive ring installed as a courtesy have 11 gauge spokes, I wonder if they enlarge the holes for that?