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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. *Notice The rear Wheel below is the velocity 12gauge from GEBE. Bike is a full susp mtb

    I noticed a funny grinding intermittant vibration that seemed to be coming from the rear especially noticeable when going around a corner or on a slightly rough street. It was time for some wheel maint. This is what I found. First--The bearings were dry and the cones and cups were a little to tight. Removed the axel, bearings. Cleaned the cups,cones and bearings. Then repacked with grease and reassemble. I put the wheel in the truing stand and notice that each spoke on the drive ring was loose. After tightening the spokes and truing up the wheel I wondered if the intermittant vibration might be the result of the wheel flexing a bit on the belt side which could cause some belt tracking and skipping issues.. After the maintenance I did a test ride and noticed no vibration. Any thoughts :???:

  2. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i will try to remember to ask den about this next we talk. meantime, i'll be watching mine closely (different hub, tho...shimano coaster) and i'll let ya know if anything crops up. in the past i've had bearings need adjusting and lube, but have not experienced dry sets, grinding, or loose spokes.

    kind of an afterthought about mechanics in general...if the grinding/vibration was intermittent and "harmonic" (ie only at certain speeds) then it was very likely the needed maintenance...just like a loose auto tie-rod or out-of-balance tire would go nuts at 45mph but smooth back out at 50+. if it was only while cornering, i'm gonna go with the spokage looseness as the probable cause. what caused that? dunno w/o more info.

    and...any wobble, whether bearings or spokes, can't be good for the belt or alignment.
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    try tieing the spokes at crossover point. either zip ties or twisted wire work. it makes your wheel much stronger.
  4. Jim H

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    I think you're onto something...I checked my 12ga shimano and discovered the drive side spokes were loose as well...prior to this I was experiencing belt failure at an alarming rate. Good find Bill!
  5. augidog

    augidog New Member

    can we get some mileage specs on this syndrome, guys? at 1200 miles my gebe/velocity/shimano is fine.
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  6. Well...when I finally ordered a solid rear axle from GEBE, and installed it, I repacked and adjusted my bearings....they really didn't need it, but I did it anyways. At over 1500 miles, my 10 guage Wheelmaster built Ryno Lite, and Shimano hub/freewheel, is doing great. I've tighened a few spokes, but no more than normal, and just as many on the non driven side.