GEBE twist grip throttle

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  1. sscharliem

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    Anybody ever thought of putting a twist grip throttle on the GEBE?
    Anybody tried it?
    Seems it would be better than the throttle supplied with the kit. What does an owner of a GEBE think?

    Also, where would one buy a 40cc Tanaka for the GEBE? I hear of people having them, but on the GEBE website it only lists a 33 cc.


  2. Westcoaster

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    I finally got my GEBE kit put together and actually don't mind the generic throttle lever.. it works for me.
    I got my Tanaka 40cc from staton-inc online. They also had the Honda & Robin Subaru 4 stroke. There's another vendor that also had the Tanaka 40cc. Not too hard to find via internet search.

    For me, that 33cc (or even smaller) would have worked just as well given my needs. Having low power might be better if ever getting pulled over.

    Anyways, if you're considering GEBE, also consider their heavy rear wheel (thick spokes).
  3. sscharliem

    sscharliem Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    thanks for the info, I was having trouble finding just engines for sale online.

    And I'll check the throttle on my GEBE - should be arriving any day now, and I did order the Velocity rear wheel - can't wait to check out those heavy duty spokes.

  4. sscharliem

    sscharliem Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Which hub did I get you mean? According to my understanding from my phone call to Juilia at GEBE, they only supply free hub, the one where the gears slide on, not the threaded on type cassettes. She said to buy the correct gears at a bike shop and have them install them.
  5. Westcoaster

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    Yes, that GEBE Velocity wheel (made in Australia) is freehub. It's made to accomodate 7,8 or 9 speed cassette gears.
    Since my Diamondback Mountainbike has a 7 speed Shamino cassette, I ordered that exact same cassette for my GEBE velocity wheel. And, since the cassette is only 7 speed (versus 9 speed), I needed to add a 4.5mm freehub cassette spacer. On my bike, the spacer goes onto the hub first, then, the cassette. Use a freehub cassette locking tool to tighten.

    The Velocity spokes look really thick and wheel noticeably heavier than my stock rear wheel. Despite being heavier, the Velocity rim feels fine when just pedaling around without the engine mounted. There's no way I'd run the GEBE on my 32 thin spoked feather light stock rear wheel.
  6. MotorbikeMike

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    HI I put twist throttles on 2 GEBE's for a customer a few years back, worked very well.

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