GEBE vibration issue.

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    Hello all,

    My GEBE 40cc tanaka is running like a charm but I have one issue and was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and if so, how they resolved it.
    I've only ridden my bike about 8 times but I decided to do an inspection the other day to see how things were holding up.
    I took off the plastic belt cover check out the belt and I noticed something that troubled me.
    The vibration from the engine is causing the black belt cover to vibrate and rub on the black plastic housing that the drive shaft comes out of. The black housing is screwed onto the engine and right where the screw goes through the plasic housing is where the belt cover is rubbing on it. It's rubbing so much that it has worn through part of the housing and even worn the metal screw down quite a bit. I'm concerned that it will rub right throught the pastic all the way to the screw and cause the housing to come off. Has anyone had this issue?
    If so...what did you do to resolve it? I tried adding a thick rubber washer to the underside of the belt cover to raise if off of the piece it's rubbing on but when I screwed it down, the butt end of the cover still touches the housing.


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    The black plastic cover needs some beefing up, mainly to prevent a crack forming where you are talking about, the hole where the threaded rod comes through.

    First, put a piece of duct tape on the bottom side of the cover, over the hole, to reinforce the plastic. Pierce the hole to put the threaded rod through.

    If you need the cover to be raised up a bit, the nut on the threaded rod can be "heightened" by a few millimeters, by wrenching it counterclockwise maybe five full turns. When you get that bottom nut at the correct height, put some fingernail polish on the threads under it, so it doesn't slip back down.

    The washer idea also raises it a tad.

    Finally, where the tension rod comes through, you might want to take a pocket knife and make the tear drop shape at the bottom of the slot a little wider, so the rod never rubs that part of the plastic.
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    To me that cover seems like it's more trouble than it's worth. I suppose that if you had loose flapping straps or other things (hair?) that could get entangled in the gears or belt then it might serve a purpose, but otherwise I don't see the point of it.
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    That's sounds good to me since the GEBE drive assembly I got in a trade came without that cover, lol. I was thinking to try and replace it but maybe I'll just leave it go.