Gebe vs dax titan help?


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May 17, 2008
k so i have been wanting to get a rack mount kit for a while , and i want to get it has swiftly has possible but what i am wondering is should i wait the extra few weeks for another paycheck to come in to get the 4 stroke 35cc from gebe or would the thats dax titan be a good engine just to get with the money i have now?
pretty much what i am asking in simple terms is would thats dax titan have enough quality to last as long has the gebe
I hear the Titan isn't a bad power plant at all. I have heard nothing but praise for the Titan. I personally wouldn't get a gebe because of the wonky belt drive setup. These are just my opinions. I don't own either.
My Titan has been trouble free. After today thats a thousand miles. It's almost a month and a half old.
It's all about choices. Belt drive or Chain drive? I hear nothing but praise when it comes to the GEBE as well so it's all about choices.
i have been hearing good things about the titan too and now looking at the requirements for the gebe would have to bend my bike frame for the belt attachment to fiton my wheel so i actually think i might go with the titan to save some money and time thanks for the replies =)
o and quick question about the titan can it start on its own (like if im pedaling) or do i need to do the whole use one arm the pull the pull start ? -thx
i have built and ridden both, & ultimately chose Golden Eagle. i hesitated to post here, but uninformed opinions still plague the place...

my original belt has well over 2500 miles on it...nothing "wonky" about the setup at all.
orriginally i was going for the gebe all the way because of all the good things i kept hearing , but i dont really want to risk ruining my bike because of the clearence of the beltdrive do you think the frame could take a little bit of bending ? or would it effect the bikes riding capabilities
well, i personally wouldn't advise someone else to modify their stays, but some folks have sucessfully "flattened" the area in question with vice-grips. only you could make that call.
ya true well i might go garage sale hunting for a cheap decent bike to work on
Yea Augi has had both so he knows about the Gebe and the Titan.
I still love my Titan though and I never had a Gebe.
But like I said. Choices.