Gebe vs dax titan help?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Phyck, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Phyck

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    k so i have been wanting to get a rack mount kit for a while , and i want to get it has swiftly has possible but what i am wondering is should i wait the extra few weeks for another paycheck to come in to get the 4 stroke 35cc from gebe or would the thats dax titan be a good engine just to get with the money i have now?
    pretty much what i am asking in simple terms is would thats dax titan have enough quality to last as long has the gebe

  2. KiDD

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    I hear the Titan isn't a bad power plant at all. I have heard nothing but praise for the Titan. I personally wouldn't get a gebe because of the wonky belt drive setup. These are just my opinions. I don't own either.
  3. My Titan has been trouble free. After today thats a thousand miles. It's almost a month and a half old.
    It's all about choices. Belt drive or Chain drive? I hear nothing but praise when it comes to the GEBE as well so it's all about choices.
  4. Phyck

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    i have been hearing good things about the titan too and now looking at the requirements for the gebe would have to bend my bike frame for the belt attachment to fiton my wheel so i actually think i might go with the titan to save some money and time thanks for the replies =)
  5. Phyck

    Phyck New Member

    o and quick question about the titan can it start on its own (like if im pedaling) or do i need to do the whole use one arm the pull the pull start ? -thx
  6. augidog

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    i have built and ridden both, & ultimately chose Golden Eagle. i hesitated to post here, but uninformed opinions still plague the place...

    my original belt has well over 2500 miles on it...nothing "wonky" about the setup at all.
  7. Phyck

    Phyck New Member

    orriginally i was going for the gebe all the way because of all the good things i kept hearing , but i dont really want to risk ruining my bike because of the clearence of the beltdrive do you think the frame could take a little bit of bending ? or would it effect the bikes riding capabilities
  8. augidog

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    well, i personally wouldn't advise someone else to modify their stays, but some folks have sucessfully "flattened" the area in question with vice-grips. only you could make that call.
  9. Phyck

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    ya true well i might go garage sale hunting for a cheap decent bike to work on
  10. Yea Augi has had both so he knows about the Gebe and the Titan.
    I still love my Titan though and I never had a Gebe.
    But like I said. Choices.
  11. augidog

    augidog New Member

    yes, let's be fair...the titan is a solid setup for what it is, what it does, and what it costs. i do believe that gebe comes out ahead in the wash, tho...many reasons: overall quality, region of engine-production, spirit behind presentation, politics (global & personal)...different setups for different applications/situations.

    as large' has recently learned...while we all still love the concept behind the happy-time, a good rack-mount system just takes you to a whole new level of motoredbiking that you wouldn't expect until you experience it.
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  12. skyl4rk

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    Hopefully we can leave the politics and personal issues out of a comparison of motor kits.
  13. augidog

    augidog New Member

    very few consumers have
    a-built and ridden both
    b-had a personal relationship with both the designers/suppliers

    i'm qualified to push the envelope.

    the titan is a solid setup as i stated...and easily adapted to an EPA-compliant engine. that would pretty much address & negate my "reasons" for my choice.
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  14. KiDD

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    As I said that was my opinion. A belt just doesn't sound as reliable as a chain or as easily replaced
  15. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i agree it "doesn't sound" as reliable or etc, but that's because we all bring our big-vehicle experiences with us.

    but truly, at this weight & power range, beltdrive is entirely in it's element. i've been around machinery my whole life, i have had a shot at riding almost all the most popular MB-setups out there, and many riding-buddies have had the same comparison-ride in return...overall, the cogged-belt has out-performed everything, in all conditions. that's not me just saying, it's been proven locally over and over.
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  16. turkeyssr

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    Well, it's hard for me to argue with those that have had both types of kits, so I'll tell you why I chose the kit I did - a Titan.

    In my opinion, I think the Gebe kit is too expensive. If it came with the $100 wheel with heavy duty spokes included, I could have been swayed in that direction. I chose the Titan because I could drive it utilizing a disc mounted gear. This, to me, makes much more sense than pulling on the spokes. Having said that, clearly pulling on the spokes can't be that bad if others love their kits.

    I'll have to weigh in again once I have some serious mileage on my kit. As for modifying the frame, if it's a steel frame, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Aluminum is a different story, in my opinion. Best of luck! --John
  17. Phyck

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    hm ya after doing a few more hours of research i think ill head towards the gebe , but in the mean time while saving a little more money im going to do some research on all the other nonhappytime chain (gear box ) kits thanks for all the feed back =)
  18. wavygravy

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    gebe 0 maintenence, no greasy chains or vibration, not chinese! i think ill take the gebe. thats just my opinion i could be wrong, & ive ridden both also!
  19. thatsdax

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    Titan Is Epa And Carb Approved

    Titan is and always has been both EPA and CARB approved. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride....
  20. graucho

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    I dont own a Titan, but I hear a lot of good things from their owners. Same goes for the GEBE owners. There's a lot of personal factors that go into any bike kit. Cost, ride, looks, dependability. Do you want to peddle a little? not at all? Is speed an issue? noise? Below is a visual comparison of Large Filipino's Titan and my GEBE robin subaru 35cc. (OK'ed with Large to use his photo)
    _ In my opinion only... everyone should give the positive factors and praise their set-up only. You must take all the positive feedback, taking into consideration cost, ride, looks, dependability etc. etc. and make up your own mind. There both great set ups. Your the one who has to live with your decision.:cool:

    That said... my GEBE robin subaru 35cc.
    LIKES____ Depedability. rock solid. Bought it used from larymore with 350 miles on it and I put another 450 on it. Belt looks new. Motor always starts on 1-2 pulls. Super quiet. Getting approx 180mpg. easy to install (real time 1.25 hrs) Smell and noise are behind you. I like the thumb throttle. I like the clutch tension. My digital spedo works perfect with it. Love the belt drive its quiet and smooth.
    DISLIKES___ Too $Spendy. Fuel tank to small (only 25 mi per tank) Have to peddal a little now and then up steeper hills. I had to modify (widen) the rear frame to get the belt ring to fit MY FAULT, (I didnt do my homework prior) Thats it.__Good luck!

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