Gel or Spring Sadle?

A good spring saddle is always a good price. I got a quality one from ebay for £10 (apprx $20)

No offense, but me telling you what seat is more comfortable is kind of like telling a woman which jeans are going to fit her best lol....hard to do. Seats are a subjective thing based on my experience, and it basically boils down to which one fits YOUR butt/thighs the best. Also, minor adjustments of the seats position can make a big difference in the comfort of a seat too, so be patient before you decide a seat is no good. At least for me, I'll adjust my seat and ride it for a day or two to before readjusting it to "dial it in" even further...that being said, I did notice that many of the hardcore bicyclists in my area all seem to have an "old seat box" in their garage full of nice seats that just didn't work for them.
For a long ride +/- 30 minutes, which one is the best. My standard MTB sadle not so reliable.

Budget around $35 (AUD)


brooks baby

edit: oops that's a little more than $35-how much is your arse worth?
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