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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Lordbabypanda, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Lordbabypanda

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    So, I was planning on hanging with some friends of mine, I used my motorized bicycle, but my carb kept falling off, after I hanged out with them, a mechanic helped me when I was at Auto Zone because I was stuck.

    I have an Crappy BoysGoFast Kit, with an ThatsDax RT Carb, The RT Carb wouldn't fit right, but somehow the mechanic put it on there. I believe there are no more air leaks on my motorized bicycle.

    Does anyone else have a long time to start up their motorized bicycle? I don't understand how I feel like I have to ride about a block or two just to start it up.

    Now, I just have to refit my carb and fix my chain and that's pretty much it. Other than that my bike is kick ass!

  2. Ollie

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    How are you turning off your engine? After a long period of having my bike unable to idle (I hadn't found this forum and didn't know it was possible), I needed to find a way to stop the engine. I had cut off the wires on my kill-switch ages ago (thinking it was a defective engine-start button), so I used the choke to kill the engine. That seemed to make it difficult to start and I'd have to cycle all over the place until the engine fired up. I've now got a kill-switch wired up properly and it starts fine.
  3. Lordbabypanda

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    I turn off my engine by pushing my kill switch button, it seems to work because if I push it, I don't hear my, engine anymore but it sounds like a dying horse.

    Or I can slow down and my engine just stops. But my motorized bicycle idles.
  4. darwin

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    Panda what oil mix ratio are you using? Is your plug oily when difficult to start? Fine tuning of your carb could be the culprit too.
  5. Ollie

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  6. butterbean

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    The killswitch only shuts the engine off if you pull the clutch in. When you push the switch without pulling the clutch in, it's like a compression brake, slows the engine down but doesn't shut it off. The engine will also only idle properly with the clutch pulled in. Improper clutch operation (not clutching when slowing down or stopping) is much harder on the engine and the clutch.
  7. HeadSmess

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    hear hear.

    clutch replaces everything :) can slip it, can dump it, can ride it, can lock it off and pedal cus im out of fuel again...

    usually i leave it to sit with the fuel off and let it idle itself to death. cus i hate hydro locks!
  8. professor

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    Panda, if you have leaks of air between the carb and the engine, it will run lean and hot and start lousy.
    With the engine running, lightly spray something that can burn (WD 40 or starting fluid) at the joints of the carb to manifold/ engine) and see if the RPM changes. If it does- you gotta leak.
    An alternative is a stethoscope and listen for leaks.
  9. darwin

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    READ THE OP! It's hard starting damn it!...............he doesn't need a new motor!
  10. butterbean

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    Whoa there buddy, you need to chill. No one said anything about a new motor.