general questions and advice honda gxh50 users



hey guys and ladies, im installing a honda gxh50, with a grubbe gb i'd like to have some answers to my questions

1 can the engine be run with the muffeler that comes with the engine? a small box like shape or it does it perform better with the regular motorized bike muffeler?

2 how do you install the cable to the throttel arm on the engine body?

3 how to adjust idle speed?

4 improve carb performance?

5 get better milage?

6 what to hook the kill switch up to?

i know theres alot there but multiple problems can often solved simitiously trust me im a architect by profession for 18 years.
since the 4stroke kits are so new, there are only a few here with the honda
give it a little time and you should get help with your questions
soon, it will be you answering questions for others !
(if they ever get gearboxes here in the states!)
I handle a few of those- As for the muffler, if you are using a rack mount, which I thought you mentioned somewhere else, would you want the exhaust shooting straight at your backside?...wait...don't answer that. As for performance, I don't know. I would use a muller that directed the exhaust away from me.

Kill swirch- there should be a wire comming out of the bottom of the engine. If you have a low oil shutdown, there is a yellow wire and a gray one going to the low oil switch. from the switch, there will be a gra or black wire. That is the kill switch. If it were me, I would run the black/gray wire to the switch and then back to a bolt on the engine case itself. I would not ground to the bike, frame, but many people do.

Idle speed- there is a screw adjustment that is a stop for the throttle arm, try that.

As for the other ones- once my kit arrives, should be soon, I'll let you know.
i though so much so, maybee the owners of the huasheng would be valuable contributors to the topic.
i worked in the states several ago so i suppose i just have to..git err dun.
thanks houghmade i wellded on a deflector cap thanks for the kill swith info
Fireball,I think the pix. help louis.


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let me know cuz my Grubee stage 2 kit didn't come w/ the trottle metal piece... and how exactly did u have it setup?

Also, Please explain the kill switch wiring again...
I'd love to make some mod on the kit too... After I fix this stalling problem!!

By the way, one suggest would be clean the tank w/ water and let it dry before you install it...