Generation II



hello, i'm not sure if anyone has any experience with the gen II 48cc kits since they werent made available due to the import ban, but i just received one about an hour ago and i had a question or two i want to put out there. this is the engine that has the head with the angled spark plug inlet, larger bearing, and needle bearing on the wrist pin. should i break in the engine any differently since it supposedly has a piston sleeve made out of a stronger metal than the older engines? anyone have any tips or heads up on anything i should watch out for? and if you're wondering, the kit is pretty decent. i picked it up on ebay from "boygofast". good price too, $192 shipped. i'm gonna swap out my old engine and hopefully get the gen II fired up this weekend. but first, let me know if anyone has any tips. thank you.
i don't own one, but i can tell you i'd still be using conservative pre-mix ratios. rings still have to be properly worn in, better cyclinder sleeve notwithstanding. better safe than sorry.

i use 20:1 for breaking in a roller-bearing "70" and 25:1 thereafter.

please keep us posted :)
thanks for the advice.

why such a rich mixture? it seems most people gradually work their way up to 40:1 synthetic. im worried i'll end up with a sticking ring.
why? dunno on a techie level, but i've seen way too much unexplained damage to take chances.

but, the advice was only my opinion, trust me there will be many more before this topic ends.
heres an update. i got the motor up and running around midnight. decided to initially break it in by heat cycling, gradually building up to running WOT by a series of 10 second acceleration and coasting to cool down at different throttle points. after that i rode around the city for 6 hours, during which i ran the engine 3 separate times for 30 minutes each to make sure not to overheat or overwork my new engine. i mostly rode at about 1/3 throttle and gave short bursts of full throttle. and i let the engine cool down for nearly an hour each time, while i just pedaled around. am i babying it too much? so far so good though. overall, it was a good nighttime cruise all over the city. the engine makes decent power. i was expecting a little bit more, but we'll see how it goes once its broken in. i'm running 20:1 and my only complaint and concern is that i'm definitely running too rich for the engine. my plug is gapped at about .028 and i pulled it 2 times during the night to take a look and it was black and sooty. also, i had to have the idle screw turned in pretty far in order to idle. i've got the jet needle set on the 2nd notch from the bottom. should i lean it up a notch? i'm thinking i need to lean out my oil mixture, but i'll wait to see if anyone has any suggestions. thanks!