Generator power (battery charging) for Predator engines

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by butterbean, Apr 27, 2015.

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    I just had an amazing idea, but its kinda dependent on a few things, but its relatively cheap and easy. First let me say that I already have the rest of the necessary components for this besides what I am about to mention. That includes a rectifier (scooter type, 4 pin), a multimeter for testing the circuit and a means of distributing energy throughout the circuit (i dont know the name of this component, I just call it a power distributor, its used in car audio to hook multiple components to the battery, the one I have has 5 hookups). So anyway, here is my idea. Take a magnet from a two stroke and the 12v generator coils they sell on ebay through the wonderful creations store. Now if you can find a way to attach the two stroke magnet to the end of the predator crankshaft and get it to stay without moving (shouldnt be hard if you just tighten the bolt down tight enough), and build a bracket to hold the generator coil close enough to the magnet, you've got power! I wish I wasn't banned from the other forum so I could share this there.