Gentlemen...what is this?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by moubee, May 7, 2010.

  1. moubee

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    I ordered a slip clutch a while back to try out while Dr. Q fixes mine. Well
    I "fixed" mine to the point that Q was not able to un-fix it (that's quite a feat.) Well today I get an email from this fella in Tie-wan (I think) who I ordered the slip any of ya'll know what this is?

    Dear Sirs,

    For your information, I have made a prototype of a new manual clutch. This clutch will be very light and easy to handle by L/H lever. This clutch will isolate the transmission from engine to rear wheel complete without any friction of the belts between engine to clutch and clutch to rear sheave, when the clutch is gauged out by L/H lever. It transmits full engine RPM and power to rear wheel without any loss and slip from the belts between engine to clutch and clutch to rear sheave. It is much reliable than the original manual clutch and centrifugal auto clutch. I think this will be the best transmission solution of the Whizzer motorbikes. I have put the prototype on the old Whizzer for testing. If you are interested in this part, we will post you the further information continuously.

    Best regards,
    Joe Lin
    The Whizzer Industry Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +886-933 164 117

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    This is Joe of Taiwan Whizzer. He is the manufacturer of Whizzer bikes and parts where Whizzer USA got their product from, but they have parted ways. That is why we can't get Whizzers now.
  3. So -- did you order one of his new clutches Moubee?
  4. moubee

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    old slip

    I got the old one, the slip clutch; I was curious if any of ya'll had ordered one. or knew what it was like.

    I had to rig up a jockey type shift arm for this slip, the cable setup was not giving it enough room. We'll see how well it works once the JB weld cures :)