George A. Wyman's historic MB trip

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    From a forum search, I can see that this subject has been covered here in the past. But I think it bears repeating (and I hope that this post isn't an infraction in the "General Discussion" category).

    When discussing my hobby with anybody, I invariably bring up the story of George Adams Wyman. I'm a rather new MB hobbyist, and I recently discovered Wyman's story: As many of you surely know, in 1903 he crossed the United States on a motorized bicycle, riding from San Francisco to New York City in fifty-one days. This fact is notable enough. But when you realize that Wyman's ride officially made him the first person to make a transcontinental crossing of the United States via a motor vehicle of any kind, it makes for a truly compelling tale. And it gives us MB hobbyists a really cool historical perspective on our hobby -- and maybe even some bragging rights!

    This Wikipedia entry about Wyman has all kinds of interesting information about him, his bike and his ride: <>. In that article, one thing that I thought was pretty cool was the fact that his bicycle's four-stroke engine was a whopping 200cc, yet it made only about 1.5 HP because the available gasoline back in his day was about 30 octane! That makes me feel rather high-tech with my 49cc, 4-stroke Hua Sheng F142 making up to 2.5 HP!

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    Yup, most certainly and it has been covered, quite literally lol, for no mention of George Wyman could ever be complete here without bringing up professor emeritus and MBc hall of famer Uncle_Punk13 who duplicated that ride in 2003.

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    Uncle_Punk13's tales are all still here... in Heritage Lane.
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    Hey there fellas!!!
    I've been on hiatus for awhile, with life and all,
    It sure is nice to see that ol' George is getting his credit!!!
    As an update: another one of his great grandchildren recently contacted me, so i've been gathering together photos and info for her.
    As far as the motorbike stuff, been hectic building bikes for customers and Steampunk art show... This will be the third year i've been invited.
    Built a frame jig and have started chopping vintage frames for motoredbike projects.
    That was off topic a bit.
    So anyway, glad to see the Wyman stuff is still around and relevant...