Georgia experiences riding an MB on the road

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    I'm in the process of getting all the parts to build a motorized bicycle, and I'd like to hear from Georgia residents who already have one. As I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this forum in Georgia knows by now, Georgia law is very ambiguous on the status of motorized bicycles, and that gives the police a lot of leeway in how to handle them. There are a few things I'm particularly interested in:
    1. How have the police reacted to seeing you?
    2. Have you been stopped? If so, why?
    3. Does the type of bicycle you put the motor on make the cops perceive you differently? I think a beach cruiser bike would look more like an actual moped (I mean a real moped with pedals, not a 50cc scooter) and would be less likely to be stopped by cops than one they can tell is an actual bicycle.

    Feel free to include any other details you might think relevant, too! And while I'm particularly interested in my home state of Georgia, responses concerning other states would be greatly appreciated, too. Thank you!