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    My biggest concern is licensing. According to the law, I have to have a valid Class C or M license or Instructional Permit. I have never learned to drive and have never had even an instructional permit. I do not have a car or a motorcycle. My bicycle is my main transportation. Are there any here who have dealt with this particular issue? If there are, how did you solve the issue?

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    As of yet I haven't actually tried riding one here, but I talked to a traffic officer about this before (fellow Georgian) and he confirmed that you do in fact need at least a learner's permit, or they will/can ticket/arrest you. However, he said no one would really care or ever know if you're not breaking any other law while riding it.

    Also, getting a learner's permit isn't hard, you don't even need to know to drive or take a driving test. You just need to read the manual and take a written test after filling out some forms at the DMV/whatever the heck the name of it is. The steps are as follows (stolen from dmv(dot)org):

    • Complete an application form.
      • Your parent, guardian, or authorized driver's education instructor must sign your application.
    • Submit a completed Certificate of Attendance (Form DS-1) dated within the last 30 days, or a high school diploma or GED.
    • 1 document to prove your identity, such as:
      • A valid passport.
      • An original or certified U.S. birth certificate.
    • 1 document to verify your Social Security number (SSN), such as:
      • Your Social Security card.
      • A W-2 with your name and all or part of your SSN.
    • 2 documents to prove you are a GA resident, such as your:
      • School report card or Certificate of Attendance.
      • Bank statement.
    • Pass 2 written tests.
    • Pass the vision exam.
    • Pay the $10 fee.
      • Credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), cash, check, or money order.
    But if you don't or can't, just follow the laws and no one should bother you.
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    Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.
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    I have been riding here in Coweta/Meriwether/Harris counties for 5 years without ever being questioned. I wear bright colors, sometimes a safety vest. I run my flashers front and rear also, I make it look like I want to be seen. I wear a dot helmet also.