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  1. davidsis

    davidsis Guest

    Is my motorized bicycle legal in the state of georga. I think mine is 50cc.

  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    no idea. Motorized bikes are such a grey area with the law. Nobody really knows.
  3. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Remember, plead NOT GUILTY to anything, and threaten APPEAL if things go agin ya.

    You asked earlier about my Anatole France "quote", it has to do with idealistic democracy. If they penalize a bike with an small engine, they are working AGAINST energy independence.

    Ergo-Barney Fife is a :?:
  4. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    Its Legal

    I looked up the statutes governing mopeds in GA. You have to wear an approved helmet, but not necessarily a DOT approved one. Apparently the GSP has a list somewhere, but all DOT helmets are ok. Otherwise you should be fine, just obey all traffic rules & don't ride on limited access roads or interstates (no-brainer you say?). That's about it. Georgia's easy (unlike Alabama- what a pain!)
  5. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Not Mopeds. Motor assisted bicycle

    These are not mopeds. These are motor assisted bicycles. Thanks..
  6. Charlie

    Charlie Guest


    Hey there,
    I know that, and you know that...But Georgia sees it differently. The Code of GA makes it pretty plain that if it goes, has two wheels, & a motor under a certain HP rating then it is considered a moped. Personally, I would try the motor-assisted cycle thing if asked, but be sure I know the moped stuff as a fall back position. Either way, in GA they are ok - just wear your helmet.
  7. TheBadBunny

    TheBadBunny Guest

    Georgia moped laws

    Under Georgia law, any motorized cycle with an engine of 50cc or less, or an electric motor of 2 brake horsepower or less, that can't exceed 30 MPH on a level surface, is considered a moped. There are other requirements, however, that you find if you dig a little deeper into Title 40. Mopeds are required to have front and rear turn signals, a brake light, a taillight, and a headlight. They also have to have -- and here's a problem -- dot-approved tires. All the other requirements can be easily taken care of, but you can't put moped tires on a bike. :eek: I imagine there are regulations involving what type of brakes they have to have as well, though I haven't looked into that yet. So as far as I can tell, motorized bicycles aren't strictly legal in Georgia. Have any of you other guys from Georgia had problems with the cops, and where do you ride?
  8. rosco

    rosco Guest

    I haven't had in problems yet, and I ride in Atlanta, what about you?
  9. LocustsOfSteel

    LocustsOfSteel New Member

    I live in Decatur, and think this is my first post, so hi everyone.

    I just bought an 80cc kit off eBay, so I'm glad to see that no one has reported being f**ked with by the cops over something so trivial.

    I was also wondering if any of you can tell me what kind of 2 stroke oil you use?
  10. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Well, Locusts, why don't you introduce yourself in our Introductions forum?
  11. TheBadBunny

    TheBadBunny Guest

    What part of Atlanta do you ride in? If you're staying in residential areas, I doubt it would be a problem, but im looking for something to commute to work in.
  12. Neutronbomb

    Neutronbomb Guest


    I ride in Atlanta on the east side.. Little 5 Points, 4th ward, VAhi area.. I haven't been pulled over yet..and I don't even wear a helmet! I usually kill the engine and start the pedals when I see the pigs though.
  13. LocustsOfSteel

    LocustsOfSteel New Member

    I'm on the east side as well... The little 5, Decatur, N. Dekalb mall area is where i can be found most times.
  14. ga unite! I ride out of warner robins and get around quite a bit. Lets hope they don't try to reg. us. I do wear a helmet and try the fake pedal thing but all the cops around here know of me anyways.
  15. smyrna5

    smyrna5 New Member

  16. davidsis

    davidsis Guest

    Hey, that does not say anything about a pedal assited bicycle. Just scooters!
  17. smyrna5

    smyrna5 New Member

    The Georgia law doesn't say anything about pedals. If you put a gasoline motor on it, and its less than 49CC its a moped. Put a bigger gasoline motor on it, and its a motorcycle in Georgia. Wish it weren't so, because its keeping me from building one, but that is the way it is I am afraid in Georgia. If they are gonna treat me like a motorcycle or moped, I will just buy a motorcycle.
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  18. GTscoob

    GTscoob New Member

    Another Tech guy! I'm a semester away from finishing my undergrad right now, I'm surprised I havent seen your bike around if you take it too or from school.

    Good to see some other GA guys in here, as I've researched everything about building one except for the legality of actually running one. Any of you guys down for a meet and greet? Maybe meet up at the Vortex in Little 5 and park your MBs next to all the guys with old choppers and Harleys? I'd love to check out some of the setups before diving into my own project.