Exhaust GET NEW Intake and muffler gaskets other then stock!



ok, my bike was reving up and down when i let it go full throttle, so I thought for about a day decided i would take off the intake and see if the gasket was inplace. LOW and behold (and thank god it was not something serious).It was blown off just like the muffler and no sealant was used like the muffler! I cut out a square shape and the bolt holes and intake holes since im not very precise at cutting them heh. Went to the auto parts store got some gasket sealant applied it to the raw engine intake and the intake coming from the carb. Then I let it sit for about 3 mins assembled it took it for a spin AND WOW It used to rev up and down at 25mph ok now up hill i can take it to 35 mph pushing 40 up hill! Im a pretty big kid 190 pounds on a flat way I can get it up to most likely 45+. Kings engines with the right knowledge are amazing. Afk while I go do a dance :p. But sadly some 12 year old got another dirt bike around my house and is cruising around so It's parked in the garage for a week until he stops asking for the cops to come by.

Just thought I would give a heads up to everyone how much it makes a difference in speed and A HUGE boost in performance as before it was fairly hard to get it to idol now it's very fine :)

Also Thanks to everyone for all their help on this board and ideas.

Oh and I dont have it on my Schwinn stingray anymore heh I got my grandpas old 1993 i believe diamondback fleet strike bike to make it not look like I was driving a motorcycle, just a bicycle :)