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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by matman55, May 30, 2012.

  1. matman55

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    i just needed to getthis off my chest

    Everytime i see a illiegal MAB or i see someone online who talks about stuff like "hey,everyone...i told the cops my mab was leagall.and it isnt!"the only thing you doing is making yourself look like a go**** idiot!your not cool or funny.your ****in ruining Motorized bicycles for everone!its like weed,the cops were sortoff cool with it for a bit but then a bunch of losers deicided to **** it up! Its just not fair for all of us LEGAL mab riders to be punished for the retarded actions of otherS!

    Thanks and have a great day

  2. darwin

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    Personally I think you guys in FL are missing a few screws when it comes to whats legal and whats not, bunch of nutz. One FL poster ****ed me off so much I got banned from the other forum. Crazy muthas!