Getting a whizzer inspected and licensed.

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    I understand it can be an ordeal getting a Whizzer licensed as a motorcycle. I'm told it requires DOT approved reflectors, headlight, turn signals, and other things. Does anyone have information where DOT stamped lights and reflectors can be purchased at a reasonable price?

    I assembled my vintage Whizzer from parts, but have all the receipts. I still need the lights and reflectors. Some day, I would like to be able to legally ride it in Ohio.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Check with your state regarding the turn signals. If the bike was not originally built with turn signals, it might be grandfathered as it is here in PA.
    I've had to have my modern Whizzer inspected, as it is registered as a motorcycle due to its 138cc engine. The lack of turn signals were not an issue.
    Regarding getting a DOT approved headlight and/or tail light, you may want to look into these items from the modern Whizzers. Quenton might even have some on hand for sale.
    However, the biggest hurdle to getting your bike registered is a lack of a VIN number. Here in PA it's dang near impossible to register one without a VIN.
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    I've been told the lighting and reflectors have to be DOT approved. Ohio sees my innocent little Whizzer bike as a motorcycle.
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    What year is the bike frame and engine?
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    Also ask your question in the law thread.

    Call the Memorylane and they will know.
    How are you going to power the lights? The only way it with a bike wheel genenator but if you have a new Whizzer engine you can got to a motorycle they may have a headlight.
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    It's a vintage Columbia bike and Whizzer H engine. Around 1946. I don't plan on riding at night, but have to get all this stuff to get it titled and licensed. I'll probably use a rechargable jell cell 12v battery.