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    I am having trouble getting the internal parts of the throttle cable to "fit" correctly. I have apparently put the cable to carburator ------spring clip stop on wrong.!! Is there a video for this problem???

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    if you need help then email me and i will try to help you..
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    lol a person with 7 posts emailing someone with 10?


    I have huge amounts of faith.
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    maybe thine 82 knows more than you think! just because he only has 10 posts, doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to put one of these carbs together.
    give a guy a chance!!
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    LOL - someone who contributes nothing to the community making fun of people helping each other.

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    Dang, I'm glad I didn't get a comment like that when I had very few posts. It sure would of turned me off. I'm sure that a 22 year old has accumulated a wealth of knowledge throughout the years. I guess my 45 years of mechanical experience wouldn't be much had I made that same post. Then again what do you expect from most of our 22 year olds in this day in time. How about next time either don't make a smart azz comment like that, or contribute something of worth.

    Now to the question.. there are posts on this particular subject but to pinpoint your problem it would help knowing just what you are experiencing. It may be as simple as you trying to insert the piston incorrectly.

    Appears in your case you have the throttle installed and the cable won't come out past the spring, if this is the case you will have to pull the cable out of the spring by collapsing the spring.

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    some pics. of your carb and what you wondering about would be very helpful.
    But, al may be right. If you can not get the slide into the carb. look at the slide. It will have 2 notches at the bottom on the sides. one will be longer than the other.
    Line the longer notch up with the pin that is on the inside of the carb, on the right side.
    you will have to either look into the top of the carb, or feel inside it to find the pin.
    Make sure that the slot in the slide is lined up with the pin, and the slide will go all the way into the carb and bottom out. the slide will slide into the carb smoothly when the pin is lined up with the slot. Make sure that the needle goes into the hole in the inside, bottom of the carb.
    the slide will go into the carb several different ways, bit only 1 way is correct.
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    way to funny....

    i did my first car motor change when i was thirteen.. i did a ka24 from a nissan 240sx and changed it to the sr20det skyline motor for my brother for free... i am now 28 years of age.. if i can help i will and yes i need help sometimes also.. but i would of made a video of how to do it to mine and posted the link .. that is for the guy with the dumb comment... i make mods and try new things... what do you do? thanks to the other guys for supporting the forum though and the good people on here.. there should be a ban button somewhere for people who like to just trash talk...:detective::snobby::detective: