Getting (rather, not getting) a license in WA


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Apr 17, 2008
north bend wa.
hi; i sure hope you are not putting the kibosh on motor assisted bicycles. i have had no problems with local, county or state cops. i would appreciate it if you would decist before you cause trouble for all of us. were you elected to this role? did you seek advise before stepping up as some sort of spokesman? i didnt get to vote!. i think you should have a nice ride and let your exhaust do the talking. mitch
Not sure what either of you mean. I tried to get a bike licensed in WA per the state regs and ran into solvable snags re equipment. Please explain what you mean by "putting the kibosh" on motored bikes, or what you mean by "desist."
putting the kibosh on is like stopping something. and by desist i meant the literal definition. if you are trying to register a bicycle, no problem. if its about a motor assisted bike, them i have many hundreds of dollars in jeapordy. please until the authorities come to confiscate your ride for not being registered, like the beatles said let it be. mitch
Stude, Vishnu's entitled to try to get a legal rig in Washington, just as you are entitled to skate the issue. He just reported what happened when he attempted it.

It's really not your place to tell him what he can or can't do.
my concern is that his endevor might force all of us to go down a path with the state that we arent at this time we are not required to do. no offence was meant. and sometimes i wonder if the control weilded by admin. is not overbearing. civil discourse is a wonderful and cherished right that i wore a uniform proudly to defend. you can put my scribblings anywhere you want. mitch
... civil discourse is a wonderful and cherished right ...
mitch, the key word there is civil. I don't have a problem with you expressing your fear to vishnu that, by trying to register a motorized bicycle, it will backfire on everyone. But, the way you tore into him, it was not civil. It was more like a bulldog tearing into a steak bone, LOL. He had sent me a PM, saying that he felt he was 'dumped on,' and that he 'didn't appreciate getting **** for trying to help.' Rather than replying back in the same manner, which would escalate into even more flames, he let me know about it.

Next, as far as 'free speech' goes. On a discussion forum, there isn't any right to it, for anyone except the forum owner. A discussion forum is the on-line equivalent to a 'letters to the editor' section of a newspaper, with the moderators acting as the 'editors.'

Tom has deputized us to keep things civil, and he's worked out guidelines for us to follow. If we weren't allowed to remove posts that are offensive to Tom, the courts have held that it violates HIS right to free speech, because, as the owner, the forum is HIS expression. (And, Tom is responsible for what's here. In fact, if we left up posts that we knew were libelous, Tom could get sued over it, as well as the person who made the post.)

Finally: (And, this is my opinion only, and not a formal policy...) I don't think that we're going to be able to hide in the weeds much longer. So many kits are being sold that we are beginning to be noticed, whether we want to, or not. Now, we can continue to hide our heads in the sand, or we can get proactive. Laws are going to be passed, whether we like it or not. If we don't do anything, then the laws will be written by someone who know nothing about what a motorized bike is all about. And, we'll get **** forced down our throats, probably killing the movement (DOT approved tires and the like.)

But, on the other hand, IF we are proactive, then we have a real chance of getting laws passed that at least acknowledge that motorized bicycles are, at their heart, really bicycles, and not lightweight motorcycles. That is what happened in Arizona, and we have a law that makes it legal to ride a motorized bike without license, registration, or insurance, and in the bike lanes. Yeah, that law isn't perfect, but, it's a good start.
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hello vishnu; please accept my aopology for my posts in responce to you. i meant no personal attack. in fact i look forward to riding the great northwest with you. i dont mean to come across a a grump. i try to add what knowledge i am able. i have always expressed my opinions unsweetened. yours truley mitch ps, you admins. sure run a tight ship.