getting ready for the long ride



Just a brief update here, as I'm busy as all get out today, I'll post a more comprehensive update as soon as I can...
So the Whizzer is almost done, I've got some parts on order and they should be here next week. I'll have to then disassemble half the bike, do my mod.s and finish work then bolt it all up again.
I heard back from my pal Brian and he is, in fact, going to drive as my support vehicle.
I'm only a month away from departure, and feeling the crunch, but it's all good!
My mapping has been minimal at this point, but i would like to ask that if any of our brothers & sisters here would be willing to let us stop by for some rest, coffee, possibly a shower, and some great conversation we sure would appreciate it, and I could map my route along those lines...
More later, as "...I've got a long ways to go, and a short time to get there..."
Thanks all!
If you are passing by my shop in Oregon there will be a free meal and whatever else you need. Can you give a route map?

I'm rolling across the upper u.s. as it looks so far, but may have to meet in lower part somewhere as Brian is coming from outside phoenix somewhere, I'll be mapping with him early next week, adn let y'all know more. I can't say thanks enough for your generous offers!!!
If y'all route through southeast Kansas, you will be most welcome to stop by my place. (workshop, coffee, food, showers & air conditioned sleeping)
Let me know if I can help.
Let me know if you'll be coming to north eastern Ahia- Ashtraybula county...I got a shop/kitchen/shower/dogs. :LOL:

Where do you plan on crossing Ol Man River?

Heres my "if the crow owned a Lincoln and drove the interstate" map, looks like alls I have do do is have the sun on my right in the morning, left in the afternoon.

Mapquest says 548.91 miles. Add my "getting lost / bogus directions" factor of 20 %, I'll guess 650 miles, 3 days pushing or 5 days cruising.


Put up a tentative map, maybe I can meander westerly, meet up at the waffle house, and join you for the final leg....

somebody say waffle house? oh, man, now i really wish i was going...they still have that all-you-can-eat placemat menu? yum-mee!

so, rif, how's the build-up going?