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    Thx to CaptainJ for the intro to motored bikes the other day in front of the WF on Castro.

    I'm a big-time cyclist (hardly used car in '08-09), but getting older and have some RSI problem with hips so I've got to get a motorized bike of some type (even considered scooters & motorcycles). Could use car, but calif sun is calling me.

    Curious about california restrictions, 2 vs 4 stroke, rear vs frame mount, which kit is best value (price sensitive), etc. Was thinking of starting with a 4-stroke friction drive mounted on rear of mt. bike. Will post over in appropriate forums, but feel free to comment here anyway.


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    Welcome from So. Cal!
    There are many, many varied opinions of what is best, what is the most value.
    Traveling down that road can get very lenghty and bumpy at times.
    First, you gotta ask what do you expect from a kit?
    Frictions work very well and are by far the easiest to set up and maintain.
    They do pose a serious problem whenever the tire gets wet though, they slip alot.
    They also wear out tires much faster than a belt or chain drive system.
    Some folks love the cheap chinese 2-stroke kits, but each one is a bit different than the next because the quality control during engine manufacturing leaves alot to be desired.
    They still offer alot of performance for $200 or less. Oh yeah, they can last anywhere from 20 miles to 4000 miles too.
    The belt driven kits offer IMHO the best compromise to the quality v/s price issues.
    They are very dependable, relatively easy to set up and if treated to regular maintenance and TLC, can last 10,000+ miles. (yes I have seen posts from honest folks attesting to this).
    The best IMHO are the 4-stroke chain driven kits. I am really impressed by the Q-Matic and plan on purchasing one as soon as I can afford it.
    Do your research on this site and make an educated decision. There really are many, many choices. One will suite you perfectly.

    As for the legality of them, yes they are perfectly legal if you play by the rules.
    Here's a link to the rules of the game.
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