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  1. Just4fun

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    Hi to all,
    I'm just getting started on this powered push bike thing so please excuse my ignorance. I currently have 2 26" mountain bikes, (one has suspension front & rear, the other none at all) one of which i'd like to adapt a 25cc Talon whipper snipper motor too. The motor is brand spanking new, & has a clutch assembly included. I'd prefer to put the engine on the bike with suspension, but can use the other if need be. I've seen a few pics here & on the net generally, but can't seem to find a kit that suits this application. I also can't for the life of me seem to find exactly how the rear cog fits onto the left hand side of the back wheel????? Basically this is just a bit of fun with no time limit, so i'd like to do it as cheap as possible. Please help...


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    welcome aboard.

    Having no experience with rack mounts at all, I'd best not try to advise you.

    But someone who can will come along.

    good luck and have fun.
  3. Just4fun

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    thanks for the welcome bluegoat. I'm sure it can be done just not sure how....
  4. you can use a sprocket bolted to wheel with bolts and chain or you can use a belt and pulleys.
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    Well I've figured out that it'll be easy enough to mount the engine on the back of the bike, as per the Golden Eagle design, question is now what's better, pulleys & belt or sprockets & chain???? & where can i get those parts on their own cheaply...
  6. Mountainman

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    if you are ok with sproket clamping to spokes with smashing rubber
    most of the Happy Time kits you see here on site use these
    most any Happy Times dealer can set you up

    Gebe sells the belt system and maybe others also

    Station has friction and chain set ups ------------------ ride that thing
  7. biken stins

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    Where are you placing the engine ? Frame, rear rack, front drive ? where there's a will there's a way. Good Luck.

    Rack-Mounted Drive-Trains
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    have attached a pic of the planned project, haven't really got any set place i want the engine but figured above the back wheel would be easier to hook up with chain/belt plus i figure noise & exhaust behind me is better than infront. wheels are 36 spoke 26inch.
    is there any advantage to belt over chain drive or vise-versa? only thing i can think of is belt would have more potential to slip, but chain drive is possibly noisier?

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  9. bamabikeguy

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    GEBE discontinued offering the 25cc RedMax/Zenoah as the newest clutch systems and housings started to develop.

    They just couldn't get the job done, in the long run.

    So, buying "everything except the engine" from GEBE is not advised, imho.

    If the engine was in the 30-40 cc range, maybe.
  10. fetor56

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    G'day & welcome to
    Probably the easiest & relatively cheap way is something like this....a friction kit from BMP & u supply the engine.
    Your Talon might even fit,provided it's got the 76mm centrifugal clutch pack for the kit supplied clutch drum.

    My friction:

    If u decide not to go this route post your preferences so we can comment.....lack of words has never been a shortcoming here. :grin5:
  11. bamabikeguy

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    I agree, that would work. That's a Wally World bike isn't it? The knobby tires have to go.

    But he should be able to hit the low 20 mph zone, 120++ mpg range, with a friction arrangement.
  12. Mountainman

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    not the exact same set up I use -- but

    not the exact same set up I use -- but
    thinking fector hit it pretty close here
    that's a nice one for the money
    should get one from point A to point B most of the time
    if not near all of the time
    that's the kind of riding Mountainman wants to do

    my set up is similar -- a little more money
    Station friction with Robin engine -- running around 430 ??

    ride that thing
  13. Just4fun

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    fetor, thats the first time i've seen the friction set up, it looks very simple which is good. how does having the engine mounted entirely on one side affect riding it, i.e. you would have to lean to the other side to counteract the weight of the engine wouldn't you?
  14. fetor56

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    No pronounced effect cos it's only a lightweight 35cc Honda wipper snipper engine....also i removed it's standard underbody tank & replaced it with a larger 2L tank on the opposite side to offset weight.Also cut down the pull start for stealth reasons & fitted a small crash bar just incase it ever falls over(but that's another story)
    Whole setup is simple/light/economical & surprisingly fast for it's size.
    BIG - about the friction drives though is that their APOS in the wet;minimal traction.
  15. Just4fun

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    I didn't even think of how it would go in the wet. I am leaning towards the spocket & chain set up though. I can make a frame to mount the engine on easily enough, so it's just a matter tracking down the sprockets & chain.... any suggestions on where i can get these??
  16. bamabikeguy

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    Sprockets and chains ups you on the price ladder, the clutches need to be a bit heavier duty, and you'll need 12 gauge spokes for long term success.

    That new member from Arkansas, Daren Garner, built some DIY system that zips him around in the mid 40 mph range. He says he can send detailed pictures if you e-mail him.

    Have you read the long "weedwackers, snowblowers..." thread?:
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  17. fetor56

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    Better & cheaper if u can stick locally if Tony at Rock Solid,he knows what he's talking about.

    PS...also the Pocket Bike shop at The Brickworks Market has cheap parts...take a look.
    Zbox is fine but you'll have to pay freight,& at this stage your not sure what your buying.
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  18. Will Snow

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    Bill Snow

    I too would like to welcome you as I also have just been welcomed.

    I think belt and chain are both good. If you are designing your system then perhaps chain is best in that you can make it to the length you need. The Golden Eagle belt system don't slip do to their cog design but 30-40cc is a good suggestion. I happen to like there system and the people there are swell to deal with.

    Friction drive is really the simplyist as suggested and if done close to right, tire wear is not that bad. BUT, if the tire gets wet you will watch everyone go by. I had a couple friction drives and I liked them.

    There are some pretty sharp people on this forum, think you came to the right place.

    Best Regards

    Bill snow
  19. Just4fun

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    Thanks Fetor, exactly the info i'm looking for. Have sent Tony @ rock Solid an email & will have a gander @ the Brickworks on the weekend... Thanks to everyone for your input & advise
    will keep you posted.......
  20. Just4fun

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    Got all the required info, & will hopefully get a start on it tomorrow, weather permiting...