Getting the Centrifugal Clutch off?

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    Hi - I finally got my engine to run, and the starter breaks. In order to get to it, I need to take off the centrifugal clutch. I can't find any posts about it, so I thought I'd ask a question. I got the cover of the clutch off, and now I see a plate with 2 springs attached. I have tried everything to get it off, but it won't budge. I don't want to break it, since a replacement would cost more than the engine... so can someone please help me?

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    D- Mac,

    You can't get your's off..I can't get mine on. ; )

    Anyhoo..I'd heat up the bolt heads with a small torch and then try again when it's hot. Lock-tite (bolt glue) was probably used when the bolt(s-?) first went in. The heat will help undo that.

    Also, sometimes when a thing is mounted on a single spinning shaft the threading IS OPPOSITE direction of lefty loosy-righty tighty.

    Make the shaft rotate in direction it normally goes while running. If the central mounting shaft is turning in the same direction as your bolt/nut loosening efforts : that probably has opposite threading.


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