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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Ghetto Bike Reviews:


    Products: Custom Motorized Bicycle Builds, In Frame Tanks, Seat Post Tanks, Sealed Tank Frames, Laid Back Seat Post Tank, Gas Tank Seats, 2 Stroke Motor Mounts, 4 Stroke Motor Mounts, Dual Disc Front Hub, 4 Stroke Rear Hub, Custom Exhausts, 212 Predator Head Upgrade, 4 Stroke Clutch Cover, Weld On Bung
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  2. bmar10s

    bmar10s New Member

    Has anyone done any business with Ghetto Bike out of Los Angeles CA? I've ordered a seat post mount gas tank from them thru Paypal. My account has been deducted for the correct amount. My problem is contacting him to find out where my tank is at. We talked via e-mail when I ordered it and thats been it. They wont answer the phone or respond to e-mail. It's been 3 weeks since I ordered the tank. My bike build is complete other than some different tires. So I'm just waiting on the gas tank. What ya all think? Am I out $100.00?


    Reply From Ghetto Bike:
  3. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    3 weeks is pretty bad. calling during normal business hours? tried another phone line/number to see if thats answered?

    sounds ominous to me, but cant say yes or no...
  4. bmar10s

    bmar10s New Member

    They have a very nice looking web site. It looks legit. I didn't have any hesitation ordering from them by the looks of their web site. Look at it for yourself. I've called during normal business hours numerous times. And e-mailed numerous times.The only time I was able to communicate with them is when I placed the order. If I don't receive my gas tank by Monday I'll contact Paypal and the BBB.
  5. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    aren't the tanks built to order?
  6. bmar10s

    bmar10s New Member

    even if they are built to order I should be able to contact them. it is very poor business practice to ignore phone calls and e-mails. if I do eventually receive my gas tank I will not be a repeat customer.
  7. Bzura

    Bzura Member


    I've never done business with ghetto, but I've heard of some people getting pretty nice tanks from them. Unfortunately you aren't one of those people yet. I have faith that they'll deliver, but waiting 3 weeks after they received their money without any contact from them is not cool at all.

    I'm not big on calling paypal to complain about little issues, but this is a situation that I believe calls for it. Once you talk to paypal they will put his funds from the sale on hold, and I guarantee that he'll get in touch with you shortly after that.

    Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
  8. james65

    james65 Member

    I've never done buisness with them, but I've seen commentes from customers and it is worththe wait! Sometimes answering e-mail/ phone calls can take more time than building the product! I wish you the best but if you get the finished product please give a review.
  9. chain

    chain Member

    Hey just wanted to know the outcome ..Did you ever get the tank ?
  10. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    Ghetto Bike Here
    A few years ago production was alittle slow to say the least .. we now have a team and products ship out much quicker these days ....
    Sorry to hear about your experience and we have made progress in our customer relations ....
    It is Worth the wait sometimes it takes 2 weeks to get a tank out to you shipping time included depending on your position in the queue ,,,,
    sometimes its under a week .. Check us out you wont be dissapointed 20151226_125630.jpg

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  11. Scooterduder

    Scooterduder Guest

    I ordered a seat post gas tank from Ghettobike on July 5th and they said that shipping would be on July 6th. Nothing happened on the 6th, so I asked for a tracking number on the 7th and was told that I would have one that day later on, but it didn't happen. Now they have been quick to respond by text, and also called me back immediately when I hung up after getting their voice message system, so they at least are their to talk to.

    I don't own my own business but I sold 2 items on Ebay last week for the first time and I sent those packages out immediately after getting paid. It's really easy to do nowadays. Print a packing label box the item and drop it off at the Post Office.

    I'm very willing to give a truthful review of Ghettobike and hope that they come through for me and everyone else. That seat post gas tank for 89.99 with free shipping looks like a great deal. We'll see, and I'll keep everyone informed of the outcome. Thanks.
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  12. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    Hey Scooter
    Your Tank is on the way could you kindly remove your post from motor bikes . com
    We make an excellent product that is hand crafted in house not a overseas on the shelf kinda thing.
    Please understand it can harm our reputation.
    Give a day or 2 and i'm positive you will be more than satisfied.
    After all you ordered 3 days ago July 5th
    Give me a call if you have any questions
    Heres your Tracking # 9405909699938606034250 look it up and you can verify its arrival.
    It's in the mail. They have yet to update the site as you can see.
    I sent you the confirmation and tracking info to you @ 1145 am today their site says it was prepared for shipping @ 6:12 PM
    That's Impossible I could not have obtained a tracking # before generating a shipping label

    Exhibit A: Me sending you your tracking info

    Exhibit B:'s reflection as of now 8:58 PST


    Thank you all
  13. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    It reminds me of a little saying you get what you pay for
    & good things come to those that wait.
    I can think of a handful of people that have been overly concerned about their product arriving on time.
    And more often than not they're repeat customers.
    Only difference is the next time they come back they say "take your time it's worth the wait"
  14. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I should add you guys to my bookmarks, I'll say that the Chinese like to respond quickly (happy time engine this that) because they are good at business but obviously not metallurgy. These guys would appear to have the skill to craft beautiful custom tanks, however the business half is just a little unorganized, but it's a good bet that the 16 work hours are spent almost solely on making YOU'RE gastank. You don't rush art people so just relax, it will get there and it's worth the wait, imagine the free hours you get to tune the engine perfectly while you wait for your perfect gas tank. Just do like Nike, and freakin do it.
  15. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    Thanks Frankenstein,

    When I was in Texas I waited for 3 hours to eat barbecue ribs and let me tell you it was the best damn ribs I've ever had.

    One of my friends has been on a waiting list for a year to get a tattoo by his favorite artist.
    Able Rocha Tattoo <--------- Look him up Amazing work .

    Granted you're not going to wait 3 hours, Or year to get our product,
    but it's a damn good product and we stand behind it.
    I can understand , the internet could be kind of strange place at times & putting your money out into the either feels weird.
    Just take a moment and breathe .......take a look at what you're getting ,and realize that it's worth it!
    I could be back there with the guys right now working on someone else's tank or project ,

    But yet I've been doing damage control for 2 hrs ...& it's not because I'm a slow typer but I am
    but rather that things like this like this.. last for years and I have to stand up to show you world
    I'm not running to Fiji with your 80 Dollars , is here to stay and face the skeptics and non-believers
    I've invested too much time working on my craft and building a brand to not Back It UP.

    And this isn't directed to any one in particular
    This is me saying we are proud of our work.
    On that note I'm going back to Make Some S**T
    And Feel Free To Call Us
    Check out our site you can text us from there .
    Follow Us on all those widgets
    Check me out doin 60 on <----- That Yellow Felt YouTube it
    Thanks for all your support.

  16. scooterduder

    scooterduder Guest

    Thanks Ghettobikes, I appreciate you guys being out there and offering what seems to be a very attractive product for a nice price.
    You must understand that I'm only reporting what I actually experienced and it's a good idea to let any genuinely true experience remain on the record to help your business improve and to let others make up their own mind whether Ghettobikes is a good source for them. I truly believe that I your company will provide me with a cool alternative gas tank for my bike and I see that their is a tracking number and 2 day shipping which is excellent.

    Here's my main issue though and please take this as constructive criticism. I had called early in the morning on July 5th and got a voice mail that didn't say "Ghetto Bike" only a phone number. I got a call back immediately and I said "hello?" and the person asked if I had just called. I said yes and then I said "is this Ghetto Bike?" and was told yes and then I stated that I was interested in an item and was wondering how long it would be before it was shipped. I was told it would be the morning of July 6th, so I instantly ordered it. Now I'm a very reasonable person and I am also quite patient, so I would have no problem waiting a whole week for shipping if I was told that it would take that long. This is not meant as a major complaint but just as a bit of help for this company. I want GB to be successful and I'm glad I found their website.

    People just have to understand that when a business exists that does not have easily searchable reviews and customers aren't sure if a business will be good to deal with or not and they put their money out there it's so important to communicate clearly and make sure the follow up is right on time, or communicate first with the customer why their is a delay, before the customer feels a need to ask.

    So I'd like everyone to know that I'm excited about the cool seat post gas tank that I'm getting soon and powder coating glossy red. It should look pretty nice on my 1999 Trek 930 (blue).
  17. scooterduder

    scooterduder Guest

    Bottom line is that there was a minor issue, but it was dealt with promptly by Ghetto Bike. You can't ask for much more!
  18. mrbg

    mrbg Member

    I checked out the YouTube video and your website nice stuff. What kind of motor are running in the yellow bike? It looks like a KTM clone??
  19. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    Thanks Scooter !
    Sounds about Right
    Day after Fourth of July My crew was out of town and you probably spoke with A tech who normally doesn't answer the phone. Why he picked up ????
    Well At least we got you covered .Funny
    Thanks Again Mr. Duder
    Keep us posted (no pun intended ) on your Tank !
  20. GhettoBike

    GhettoBike Member

    Lookin' Good Dude
    July 9, 2016 , 8:07 pm , Arrived at USPS Destination Facility PHOENIX, AZ
    Monday Monday Monday