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Official Ghetto Bike Reviews

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Staff member
Feb 28, 2012
At least their website is back online again. But yeah that's good advice from @darwin, if they don't send your order I would be looking into the refund process. Good luck @Jeffrox and let us know how it all turns out for you.


New Member
Oct 5, 2020
Jeff, don't wait any longer get a hold of paypal and your cc co and dispute the bill. Have all your ducks in a row including emails as proof. $320.00 is a lot of money to 99% of us.
I $$ t h stand how this person is still able to do business, I'd hate to assume but come on now, why do we need to go to extreme just for this person to think about maybe start building a product he offers to make. I've contacted paypal, he's got until the 10th and if still no words, paypal will escalate my claim.
I really wish consumers has more outlet, to deal with scam artist such as ghetto bike in a quick manner.